Friday, February 27, 2015

A Letter From Dad, Postmarked July 10, 1979

Joe Abrahamson
c/o Legionville
Rt. 9
Brainerd, MN ...

Hi Joe,

Hope you are okay. We've got everything under control, I think!

We rented your room out on Monday, the furniture of yours we moved to the barn. Jeremy is excited about his new roomate.

Mom is doing okay, doctor says the cast on her arm will be able to come off in six weeks, but the one on her leg will be about 3 months. She tried riding Jeremy's skate board downstairs but didn't make it standing up.

The dog died under the kitchen table, we'll leave her there until you come home, I'm sure you will want to help bury her.

We lost the TV set the other night. An airplane flying low hit the antenna and took it with him, naturally the lead-in was hooked up so the TV set went too.

We should have the house fixed before winter, it will take a while to get the car out of the porch and livingroom... oh, I forgot to tell you the brakes went out, so I went for a rough ride. I'll be back to work in two or three months I guess.

Jeremy just left the house with a suitcase, he had a fight with his new roommate.
Well, as you can see, there's nothing to worry about.



P.S. Please disregard this letter and have a real good time. Everybody is fine. See you Saturday morning.