Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Love, Happy 25th

Madison, Wisconsin, the old Wisconsin Lutheran Chapel on Gillman St.: across the street from Peace Park--where all the druggies hung out; just down from Rocky Rococo's Pizza--where they would go when they got the munchies; and the Nar Bar--where they would hold Grateful Dead bootleg recording night on Thursday evenings.

It was Harvest Fest on this day in Madison, Sept. 30th, 1989. (google it yourself) And the parade from the Memorial Library Mall at one end of State St to the Capitol Building nearly prevented some of our guests from getting across the street to the wedding service.

But here's what was going on in the Chapel!

Ladies: Lisa, Naomi, Beth, Kristi, Lisa, Elaine, Ann, Kathy
Gents: Jeremy, Jeff, Ernie, Alex, Tim, Gary, Ben, Duane

Beth, Ann, Kathy, Mary, Elaine, Lisa, Kristi

Mary's Folks: Joan and John
My Folks: Bergetta and Jerry

Kathy, Jeremy, Pr. Trapp

Matron of Honor: Kathy, Best Man: Jeremy

Our good friend Beth passed away from cancer last month. Mary's dad, John, died this past January. My brother, Jeremy, died 11 years ago. We are grateful for God's providential grace through these our loved ones and for His saving grace in Christ to them. We pray that God would keep all those who shared that day with us in faith in Jesus Christ. And thank you for sharing it with us.

We are happy to report that it seems to have worked out quite well.