Saturday, April 26, 2014

Egg factory and the Visitor

We  didn't get to decorating eggs this year until Easter itself. It is a bit of a production in our house.
 Our set up consists of two tables. One for coloring. We used hard boiled eggs, food coloring, paper towel, spoons, and crayon. The kids can color the eggs with crayon for a wax resist. This can be left as the color of the crayon or melted off later to leave the color beneath.
 Then there is the finishing table. Here the eggs dry between colorings, after coloring, or are decorated with crayon-either for color or wax resist.

The hardest thing was keeping the little ones from grabbing eggs which weren't quite dry an dropping them into the next color.  Wet eggs throw the dye batch in the cup off more quickly.
 In the middle of egg coloring I heard a noise in the garage. He was banging on the window trying to get away.
 I captured him gently and brought him in to show the kids. Of course, some had different reactions from others:
 But all in all they were pretty excited to see and pet the little guy.
 Inge wanted me to put it in a cage so we could keep him.