Saturday, March 16, 2013

Scanner Repair

Northern Lights Bookstore was throwing out a broken scanner that was donated. (Donating broken things, hmmm.)
I asked if I could take it and what they'd want for it. Judy said, "Just take it, Pastor. It's garbage right now."

The scanner is a Microtek Scanmaker 3800. The glass bed had been pushed down into the scanner. Probably there were other things wrong as well.

However, all it required was epoxying the glass back to the plastic frame.
Laying the glass back into the frame.
 Epoxying the corners.

We have plenty of power supplies that work as well as USB cables.

The only real problem is that there are no SANE drivers for this model. The Microtek drivers work with our old iMac with OS9.2 and with Windows 98OSR2 through Win XP Pro. No problems there, we'll just dual boot back to the old OS when we want to use it. Not bad for free.