Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rendering the Bear Fat

We saved about 15 pounds or so of back/belly fat from the bear.

Rendering the fat is very easy.

I just took the large chunks, washed them, and put them in our large oven roaster.

Oven on 350F for 2 hours, then down to 270F for the rest of the afternoon.

Sterilize the jars and keep them warm so that the water evaporates out of them. Get the lids simmering, pour in the 270F fat through a strainer--leaving a little head space. Then get a seal, dry it, and put it on the jar with the ring. Tighten it down.

The jars seal as they cool down.

First run was 5 quarts. The fat is back in the oven to get the remnants, probably another pint at the most. With lard costing about $11 per gallon, this does well for saving us some money.

Smells great in the house--the combination of the fat and the cracklings. Donna came in from outside, sniffed, smiled, and asked if we were having pancakes.

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