Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oven Repair GE JBP67 Part 1.

Ours is the GE Oven Range 5 cu ft. JBP67 series.
We have a GE electric range with a glass top. I think stoves/appliances are built to last only a few years. My mom's GE electric range which she bought in 1971 (Avacado Green) lasted into the late 1980s, with a few heating element repairs. But these modern things, when the computer goes out, you might just as well buy a new range for what it will cost to fix. The baking element in our oven melted down yesterday.

Couldn't find the manual in our file so: Google to the rescue.

Following instructions in the manual I removed the oven door and took out the shelves.

Note the ash at the left. We had a n overflow of a bit of apple butter but when the heating element blew it turned the spill into white ash as the element melted down.

Make sure the oven is off and unplugged, you need a 6.5mm nut driver to remove the nuts at the back of the oven. It's good to use a couch cushion to keep your knees good as well.

Lift the element end near you up, and pull out until the wires come out with the element . Using a flat bladed screw driver gently push the blade contacts off the heating element.

Here's the heating element and most of the metal droppings it left in the oven.

Keep the ends of the wires from pulling back into the insulation, and keep the screws with in the oven. Cover the ends of the wires with electrical tape to keep them insulated.

Don't turn on the broiler. I leave the stove unplugged and oven door off so that everyone can see that it is being worked on.

Write down the model number and bring the element to the hardware store. (That's Mary's job this afternoon.)

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