Friday, November 25, 2011

Turkey: Final Notes

OK, I found a photo that Mary took of our turkeys when they were poults. Verrrry cute little birds.

And out little ones really liked to play with them. They were, as I wrote, the Broad Breasted Bronze, which is similar in many ways to the wild turkeys here in MN.

We used the largest roasting pan we own.

The little ones stuffed the turkey. Note the size compared to the girls. It weighed more than Inge or Donna.

We had to cover the roaster with Al foil. Mary, the little ones and I got it ready and in the oven at 7am. It was done at about 1pm at 350. But because the temp was high and time was short we didn't do the "low and slow" method--but the meat was fall-apart tender and delicious.

Below is the left breast. 11" at longest, 6" widest, 4" deepest. 

The serving plate held only this breast and the left leg, and a small part of the giblets. 

I bonded the rest of the bird and put the bones in the crock for broth.
With home made cranberry sauce, yams from scratch, mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, and the pies (pican, coconut custard, and lemon merangue) it was hard to get outside after eating to clean the garage and drive the fence posts for the chicken coop.
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