Sunday, September 18, 2011

Help Building a Hen House

 Well, we're finally getting started on the hen house so we can have eggs during the winter.

I framed it with 2x4s. The siding, roofing, flooring, windows, and door are all scrap from neighbors.

The kids want me to cut a half-moon in it so it looks even more like an outhouse.

I want it to be servicable and not really visible from the church.

Clara, Elsie, John, Sophie, Stella, Donna, and Inge are all helping with the details.

Mary, Louisa, and Matt also helped to move the frame back behind the house.

We also had some special help from our Turkey.
Thanksgiving Dinner is supervising my work on the door.
Any time the drill squeaked or made noise Thanksgiving Dinner had to make his gobbling sound.

I think he is probably lonely. Lots of chickens, 2 sheep, but the other turkey died in a storm last May. So he walks around us puffing up his feathers, rattling his wings, and chuffing at us.

Really, he's very gentle, just wants attention. Have you ever held and pet a turkey? Well, he's helping get the hen house done.

I'll need to get more scrap siding in the morning and a couple of palates to scavange for floor boards.

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