Thursday, May 05, 2011

Sheep and Stuff

Mary did a post on the sheep shearing at this link, thank you Mr. Malwitz.

The ewe, Before

The ram, After.

Mary has the whole story.

She also did a post on our chickens here.

12 Cornish Cross, 12 pullets of 2 different breeds

Mary also picked up two Bronze Broad Breasted Turkey chicks for Thanksgiving. They are the traditional "Thanksgiving-looking" breed.

Well, I put up fence today. I'm about 1/2 done. I'm doing the sheep netting about 6" off the ground with electric fence at 4" off the ground and 3" above the netting. The electric is just inside the netting. This should keep the sheep from thinking they can jump over-since they need to get their nose over the fence to jump it. Or trying to push their nose under. And it should keep the chickens in and varmints out.

I'll need to rig up some kind of gate after that's all done. I'm using T-posts about every 25 feet with a re-bar support in between. I'll need to get some insulating spacers for some spots on the fence to keep the electric from touching the netting.

RLCC Elementary had their 4-6th grade Spring Concert this evening. Very nicely done. Clara did her solo very well. We mixed our family together with Chris and Alan's this evening to car pool with concert and track. Figured everything out. God home, realized we'd left Matthew in Plummer at a friend's place.

Best laid plans....

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