Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am not the Good Shepherd, nor, even a good shepherd.

Last weekend was very full. Saturday was Tricia B's graduation. I also was to go to Firearms safety range day, but did not because of lack of time. But I did finish up the fence last week. There is sheep netting all around but for the gate. There's electric wire around the top and the bottom.

The sheep were very happy to be off their tethers for the first time since February.

So, Sunday was Confirmation at Oak Park: Noah, Cam, and Logan. Lots of family in attendance. Lots of small kids.

So Matthew decides to give the little kids lamb rides during the dinner and reception after the service. He had a lot of customers. He called it his lamb-rodeo. Lots of kids checked out the chickens and turkeys too. Kind of like a petting zoo. Then I took Matt to TR to drive, he did that, we watched Thor also.

Monday I ran to TR for hospital call, Ray B had a mild heart attack and is recovering well. Dropped off a Meditations magazine for Mavis. Got fuel. Got home.

Monday's supposed to be my day off. Glenn, Linda, Arlan, and Jared have lent me their rototiller. So I went to tilling the garden, expanding it a bit, and I felt something run into me softly.

It was the ewe. She and the ram were out of the pen.

This is not really a good thing for the plants already growing in the garden.

Monday was the "round up."

I am not the Good Shepherd (and thank you Amy S for pointing that out). It was difficult to catch either of them.

Why was the ewe so skittish of hands? Oh, yeah, the "rodeo" the day before. Grrrrr.

Arlan or Glen could be back any time to get the tiller, I wasn't even half done, now I gotta go chase sheep? WHO LEFT THE GATE OPEN? GRRR!

Um, who's the owner that knew kids were playing there and didn't check the gate last night? I am not even a good shepherd. GRRRR!

My sheep do know my voice. They followed, but not close enough to be grabbed. Finally I got the ewe (45 minutes of good exercise).

Clever Idea! (1/2 hour later) I opened the garage door and walked in. The ram followed. I tempted him with "Meat Bird Chicken Feed", he fell for it.

Triumph, and only 2 hours lost. Back to tilling.

Got 5 rows of potatoes in.

Now, what to do about the turkeys in the dining room. They jump out of their wash-tub every five minutes. Cute, very cute, but sooooo annoying.

So sore, so tired, Winkel on Tuesday in Ulen.

Glad I don't have to count sheep jumping over a fence in order to get to sleep. That wouldn't do it for me anyway.

Friday, May 13, 2011

New Guitar Transcription ELH 531

I've done a new transcription for Classical Guitar of ELH 531 "O Blessed Sun Whose Splendor" Tune: HEAVENLY LOVE by F. Mendelssohn. Meter 76 76 D. Transcription at TuxGuitar.

Listen to a midi version here (mp3 format):

O blessed sun whose splendor
Dispels the shades of night;
O Jesus, my defender,
My soul's supreme delight,
Though fortune should bereave me
Of all I love the best,
If thou thy love still leave me,
I freely give the rest.

I know no life divided,
O Lord of life, from thee;
In thee is life provided,
For all mankind and me;
I know no death, O Jesus,
Because I live in thee;
Thy death it is which frees us
From death eternally.

Lord, with this truth impress me,
And write it on my heart,
To comfort, cheer and bless me,
That thou my Saviour art.
Thy love it was which sought me,
Thyself unsought by me,
And for thy ransom bought me
To live for aye in thee.

The rest of my hymn transcriptions for Classical Guitar are here.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Sheep and Stuff

Mary did a post on the sheep shearing at this link, thank you Mr. Malwitz.

The ewe, Before

The ram, After.

Mary has the whole story.

She also did a post on our chickens here.

12 Cornish Cross, 12 pullets of 2 different breeds

Mary also picked up two Bronze Broad Breasted Turkey chicks for Thanksgiving. They are the traditional "Thanksgiving-looking" breed.

Well, I put up fence today. I'm about 1/2 done. I'm doing the sheep netting about 6" off the ground with electric fence at 4" off the ground and 3" above the netting. The electric is just inside the netting. This should keep the sheep from thinking they can jump over-since they need to get their nose over the fence to jump it. Or trying to push their nose under. And it should keep the chickens in and varmints out.

I'll need to rig up some kind of gate after that's all done. I'm using T-posts about every 25 feet with a re-bar support in between. I'll need to get some insulating spacers for some spots on the fence to keep the electric from touching the netting.

RLCC Elementary had their 4-6th grade Spring Concert this evening. Very nicely done. Clara did her solo very well. We mixed our family together with Chris and Alan's this evening to car pool with concert and track. Figured everything out. God home, realized we'd left Matthew in Plummer at a friend's place.

Best laid plans....

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Roasted Jalapenos with Roe

No photos, sorry, because the Vivitar ViviCam 5188 is a worthless piece of trash. Don't buy it, not ever. This photo is cobbed from google.

Somebody else's
stuffed roasted jalapenos
Thank you, Google
Now, to the roasted Jalapeno recipe.

We acquired more than a dozen Northern Hognose Sucker on Sunday from a generous member of the congregation. I cleaned them and froze them. But I was interested in the ways that the old timers used the roe. So, checking on several ways of curing and cooking, I settled on slow cook in the sack and then cool.

The flavor is kind of like eggs, kind of like fish. I can't fry them very well because the tiny eggs explode shooting other eggs clear across the room. The combination of hot oil and 6 shot sized eggs is a bit unpleasant both when it hits you and when you have to clean it up.

Off to the roasted jalapenos.

I just did two jalapenos, and I used some nice home pickled ones from this past fall.

The stuffing was :

2 Tbs. Sour Cream
1 Tbs. Roe from Northern Hognose Sucker (cooked and cooled)
1 tsp. crumbled ham.
1/2 tsp. chopped garlic.

Mash this all together into a paste, but leave some texture.

Make one slice in each of the jalapenos along one side from tip to stem.
Core them if you want to.

Put the stuffing into the jalapenos.

I put them in a little 3 inch cast iron frying pan (yes, they do make them that small), and placed them under the broiler until the jalapenos started to brown.

Pull them out and top with a pinch of shredded cheddar and mozarella.

Broil until the cheese starts to bubble and brown.

Top with a pinch of shredded Asiago.


They were very good. The roe flavor went well with the rest of the ingredients.