Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shear Fayal-yure

Well, I gave it my best with what I had. Mr. P from Warren area lent me his sheep shears. I read. I studied numerous videos and books. Like this one:

I tested. I oiled. I checked tension-tension spring. I learned to put the sheep on its rump with feet foreward, head by my knees. Shears would make several cuts--when I kept the tension up. But then the head would fall apart after a few minutes.

Aggravating. :-\

We have one ewe with one shorn buttock and one ram with a shorn buttock and a shorn arm. They both have a couple of skin cuts from my inexperience.

Both are a bit ticked off at me for putting them on their backs and for nicking them.

I owe Mr. P a tension spring. Hello ebay, ...

Cindy B gave me a number of a neighbor that might be able to do the job for me, Willard M. Here's hoping....

I'd like to claim equipment failure, and...maybe it is even true. But the fact is that I just don't know enough about the clipper to know that it wasn't my failure--which does, in fact, make it my failure.

Right now I am Eunice Higgins on the Gong Show.

Feelings, nothing more than Feelings.

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