Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holy Saturday

The Lenten journey is nearly complete. Happy Easter to you all.

I put new tires on the car this morning.

And I cleaned the Lent out of my car. Pastors with several congregations will understand what this means.

Now, some projects in process:

1) Stealing and getting things by a "Show of right" through the political process.

2) Harold Camping's prediction about May 21 being Judgement Day this year.

3) Using ELH, Book of Family Paryer, and the Catechism for daily devotion.

I have the articles for Word for the Week in the Grygla Eagle Newspaper for June and October this year. I'll re-edit the Halloween article into a couple of articles for October. The first two projects listed above should produce a couple of useful articles. I think I'll continue looking at the modern neo-paganaziation of Christian roots as a source for more articles.

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