Sunday, April 24, 2011

Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Lent in a 4 congregation parish can be a bit of an workout.

This year we had only two funerals during the season of Lent: Helen C, and Bernice T. There were 3 separate services to prepare for their families.

The regular Wednesday School services continued through lent: 6 services plus 6 Wednesday Schools.

There were 6 weeks of mid-week services: 18 services (Oak Park and Nazareth alternate weekly).

There were 18 Bible Study classes following those Lenten services.

We held the regular 4 weekend services for the congregations during this period: 24 services.

Then we had Holy Week with 1 Wednesday School service, 2 Maundy Thursday Services, 2 Good Friday services, and the 4 weekend festivals for the Resurrection.

Totals for the Pre-Easter to Easter Sunday season: 7 Wed. Schools, 7 Wed school services. 50 Church Services, 3 funeral related services, asn 18 Bible Studies.

Grand total of 85 Preaching/Teaching engagements in 6 weeks. Add into that several shut-in visits, the regular office/clerical stuff, and a handfull of hospital visits.

Everyone in my parish is under my orders to be healthy and unhospitalized, and have no emergencies this week. I need to crash for a couple of days.

Today we were privileged to have Louisa's friend Rachel and her family as guests for our Easter Sunday dinner. We had a wonderful visit and a wonderful time. Rachel, tell your folks and brothers you are all welcome over again. It was great to get to know you all. Hopefully your Dad will be able to come next time.

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