Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shear Fayal-yure

Well, I gave it my best with what I had. Mr. P from Warren area lent me his sheep shears. I read. I studied numerous videos and books. Like this one:

I tested. I oiled. I checked tension-tension spring. I learned to put the sheep on its rump with feet foreward, head by my knees. Shears would make several cuts--when I kept the tension up. But then the head would fall apart after a few minutes.

Aggravating. :-\

We have one ewe with one shorn buttock and one ram with a shorn buttock and a shorn arm. They both have a couple of skin cuts from my inexperience.

Both are a bit ticked off at me for putting them on their backs and for nicking them.

I owe Mr. P a tension spring. Hello ebay, ...

Cindy B gave me a number of a neighbor that might be able to do the job for me, Willard M. Here's hoping....

I'd like to claim equipment failure, and...maybe it is even true. But the fact is that I just don't know enough about the clipper to know that it wasn't my failure--which does, in fact, make it my failure.

Right now I am Eunice Higgins on the Gong Show.

Feelings, nothing more than Feelings.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Break-Monday..Tuesday

Poor sheep, I still don't have a working set of shears. Will try to get complete set today.
Monday's break:

Moved the sheep to an area where there is shade.

Removed the fence around the garden. Moved the fence to behind the house. Fenced around the girls' "Garden Club" area.

Cleaned (Mostly done) the attached garage. Worked a bit on the rabbit hutch. Hoed some garden. Played some guitar and pennywhistle.Worked a bit on Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's "Somewhere over the rainbow" on the Tambura.

Made a catapult with Louisa.

Today, off to get the shears figured out, get some bunnies? Get some milk, visit some friends.

Mary and I should work on our songs and dance for the old folks homes. So far we've not decided on how many or on particular songs, just kicking around ideas and seeing which work well for us. Some that we've been playing together include Iz' "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", "Cinderella Rockafella", "Bohemian Rhapsody", "The Ballad of Darcy Farrow", "Tennessee Waltz", others, and several hymns.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Lent in a 4 congregation parish can be a bit of an workout.

This year we had only two funerals during the season of Lent: Helen C, and Bernice T. There were 3 separate services to prepare for their families.

The regular Wednesday School services continued through lent: 6 services plus 6 Wednesday Schools.

There were 6 weeks of mid-week services: 18 services (Oak Park and Nazareth alternate weekly).

There were 18 Bible Study classes following those Lenten services.

We held the regular 4 weekend services for the congregations during this period: 24 services.

Then we had Holy Week with 1 Wednesday School service, 2 Maundy Thursday Services, 2 Good Friday services, and the 4 weekend festivals for the Resurrection.

Totals for the Pre-Easter to Easter Sunday season: 7 Wed. Schools, 7 Wed school services. 50 Church Services, 3 funeral related services, asn 18 Bible Studies.

Grand total of 85 Preaching/Teaching engagements in 6 weeks. Add into that several shut-in visits, the regular office/clerical stuff, and a handfull of hospital visits.

Everyone in my parish is under my orders to be healthy and unhospitalized, and have no emergencies this week. I need to crash for a couple of days.

Today we were privileged to have Louisa's friend Rachel and her family as guests for our Easter Sunday dinner. We had a wonderful visit and a wonderful time. Rachel, tell your folks and brothers you are all welcome over again. It was great to get to know you all. Hopefully your Dad will be able to come next time.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holy Saturday

The Lenten journey is nearly complete. Happy Easter to you all.

I put new tires on the car this morning.

And I cleaned the Lent out of my car. Pastors with several congregations will understand what this means.

Now, some projects in process:

1) Stealing and getting things by a "Show of right" through the political process.

2) Harold Camping's prediction about May 21 being Judgement Day this year.

3) Using ELH, Book of Family Paryer, and the Catechism for daily devotion.

I have the articles for Word for the Week in the Grygla Eagle Newspaper for June and October this year. I'll re-edit the Halloween article into a couple of articles for October. The first two projects listed above should produce a couple of useful articles. I think I'll continue looking at the modern neo-paganaziation of Christian roots as a source for more articles.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Memorable Good Friday Morning

I've got nine services from Wed of Holy Week to the last service on Easter Morning. Once in a while something unusual happens.

This morning, service at St. Petri at 8:00am. Well, we've had some raccoons living under the church during the winter. This week we were able to put out some traps. One was caught in a trap this morning. And it was not amused.

"Pastor! Do you have your gun with you?"

"Of course."

Tenebrae is a service of quiet contemplation. The strepitus is supposed to be at the end of the service.

Well, the younger kids will remember the loudest noise before the service began. We still have a couple more destructive raccoons to catch.

Blessed Easter to you all.

Monday, April 18, 2011

A couple more play photos

Sorry, our internet has been acting kind'a funny the last few days. Here are a couple more photos from the play.

I can pluck the monobrow, just kiss me.

It's cold outside. And the reception in here is a bit colder.

Hmmmmm. Things aren't what I'd hoped.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some Pics of the Oklee HS Play last night

Mayonaise sher alotta fun in dis here play, omona tell you:

Dayz purdy wimin-folk.

Dayz a hair chop.

Dayz ol' cusses.
Dayz confuzd yung-uns.
Dayz more befuddled yung-uns.
Den days dem my-steerious strangers.
An that jes sum of da fun.