Thursday, March 31, 2011

Simple Events

Lent is going on apace, I'm glad for the regular times for Bible Study with the congregations during Lent.

So, there have been several hospitalizations, and those members seem to be recovering well. Thank God for that.

Today I put out a few pounds of Barn Lime on the sheep droppings. Rain was forecast for this evening. So the lime should help me with my clean up. Especially in keeping the soil from being burned up with too much Nitrogen. And for some people it helps get rid of the smell, though I don't mind that gentle rural fragrance-others might. So, I try to take care of it.

After I got home from Lenten services and Bible Study tonight Mary told me that our ram had fallen and tangled himself in his tether. After helping some of the kids I went to investigate.

Apparently the ram got tangled and fell from the hay bail so that he couldn't get up. He was limping and had choked himself a bit. 

Mary untangled him, and noticed the limp. Clara went out later and reported that he seemed not as active and limped a bit.

So I went out after all these things. The ram was more subdued than usual. His limp seems to be gone. I checked his legs, mouth, eyes, lips, tongue, neck, walk and such. Aside from being a little less active he looked ok. But it was dark and I was using a flashlight and it was raining and sleeting.

I think it was his back left leg that was limping. Mary and Clara didn't tell me which leg. He just seemed a bit sore below the left hock-but he could have been a bit skittish when I grabbed him there. That would be normal.

I did a little internet searching on leg wounds to sheep and goats. Nothing definitive.

The funny thing is that when I came in I had this barnyard aroma on me. And I felt comforted by it. It might seem stupid, but that's the way it is.

I like having animals to take care of and which provide my family with food. Only my parents will appreciate how totally ironic that statement is coming from me.

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for making me take care of pigs and the other critters we had while Jeremy and I were growing up. I really didn't appreciate it at the time. I'm starting to appreciate it now. And thanks to the late James Alfred Wight who introduced me to so much of the joy of animal husbandry through his books.

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