Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Crib Tent

Actually, this is just a bunch of photos, the crib tent is toward the end.

Just Married, Sept, 30th, 1989, Harvest Fest and Rosh Hashana

Dave taking a picture of Madeline on her first day of Public School. (Last Month)

The Sheep are doing fine.

Michael Jackson? Or a Knight that says "Ni"?

Inge and Stella looking out the window.

The Crib Tent
Who knew that such a simple thing could bring such joy. Each of our kids have enjoyed this little trick. "Time for nap!" "No!" "Do you want a tent?" "Yes!" "Climb in bed" Sound of feet running down the hall, a creek and a bounce. "Tent pease?" "Love you, Good night." "Wuv you, nite."

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