Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bear Roast and Visits

Well, I've wanted to hunt bear for a few years now. I haven't done it. We have a guide in one of our congregations who is willing to take me out. But I still haven't done it. Why? Because.

Because is two reasons. 1) it's a lot of meat, and if none of my family likes the flavor it would be waste. 2) I don't want to spend money on tanning the hide or doing a mount. I'm only in it for the food and the hunt.

A friend gave me a 4 pound roast from a bear he harvested last year. Yesterday I decided to cook it.

I sliced a big potato into thick slices to keep the roast up and out of the fat, in case the flavor of the fat would be unpleasant to my family. Put the potato and roast in the crock pot on high for 2 hrs. At that point I sprinkled on some salt and black pepper and put some onion slices on the top.

I have to say, the scent was delicious.

3 hours later we served it with fried potatos and veggies. It was wonderful. One of my kids kept asking (because she was suspicious) "What animal is this dad?"

Most liked the fat on their potatos too. The gravy was good.

So, Mary has given me her blessing to hunt bear. The flavor was somewhere between pork roast and beef roast. The texture was a bit soft because it had slow-cooked so long.

Now, I have to figure out what to do with the skin and such if I should get one this fall.

Today I went to three hospital visits, one in Grand Forks, one in Crookston, and one in Fosston. Long day with a lot of driving.

I have Ladies' Aid at Oak Park tonight. Then, maybe I can relax with a bit of Mary Stewart. It's a well told tale, but entirely fiction. I mean every part of it: from the Druids to the Mithraists, to the nature of the Christian Church in early Wales. All of the religious and mytery religions in the works are spun out of imagination and not history.

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Marge said...

We were in Alaska in January, visiting with our son in Seldovia. He shot a bear off his deck this past fall, and he fixed bear stew for us. It was excellent! I think the slow cooking and a few spices took care of any gamy taste that I expected from it. He uses a lot of fresh rosemary in his cooking.

Go for it!