Thursday, January 06, 2011

Hipster Christianity, Contemporary and Relevant Services

The following video is a satirical critique of the Emergent(ing) Church's use of the current fads in Hipster and Contemporary Popular Christianity. (hat tip: Pr. D. Thompson)

What I found very insightful is that this video presents a Hipster Contemporary liturgy in its essential form. The form of Hipster liturgy does not specify or restrict content except that it must be Hip, Contemporary, and Relevant, or "Contemporvant" as the video puts it. The video also hits on the fact that this form of liturgy emphasizes self-marketing and the social justice focus of Hipster Christianity in the Emergent Church.

In contrast to the above the form of liturgy the Confessional Lutheran Church restricts the content to the reading and preaching of the Bible, God's gift of grace and forgiveness to us through the proper use of the Sacraments and the proper use of Confession and Absolution, as well as the response of the believer to God's grace with prayer and hymns.

My favorite section: "Young hip guy welcoming all with graphic tee and cool glasses. 'I welcome everyone,' with arms wide open; revealing my tatoo, so you know I have a past; quirky transition to band, invite everyone to stand, 'Let's do it!'"

I've endured several services like this.
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