Thursday, December 02, 2010

Mary is adjusting well

My wife has made a great many adjustments in her expectations and attitudes over the years. I suppose I have too. She used to not like the taste of venison. Now, well, I think she likes it fine. But there's one part of the whole "back to basics" or "hunting"--she says it's because it's a deer and not a cow (whatever).

She still gets a little put off when I have something like this on her kitchen table...even though it yielded 2 tender backstraps  28 inches long each. I have the tenderloins out of this, as you can see. They're softening up for a meal tomorrow. The back straps will go into the freezer, this deer was dry hung for 19 days.

Even if she don't like it on the table in this way, she'll like it on the plate.

Anyway, also put about 12 to 18 lbs of venison in cold brine to cure. Maybe it will turn out "ham"-like? The recipe says 3 days per pound for a medium cure. So, a month or a bit more, and we'll open it and see if it's all spoiled.

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This is about 3 deer, boned, sliced, packaged. Steaks and chops in white freezer paper. Jerky in the bags on the left. Sausage in the plastic bags in center front. Seasoned roasts in the plastic bags on the right.

I color code each deer so that it's easy to know which possession tag belongs to the meat. I still have about 1/2 a deer to cut up and probably 10-20 lbs of chunks to either grind for sausage or make seasoned roasts I have another 4 lbs in the drier for Jerky.

We're getting there. I think we now have enough food in the house to last until March, if necessary.
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