Monday, November 01, 2010

Very nice day

Earlier today Stella (5) and Donna (3) helped me repair the sheep pen fence and put up a smaller fenced in area. Mary and Inge (1) came out and helped clear the sheepyard and garden area. Nice day, lots of work done.

Matthew and I went out bow-hunting white-tail deer this evening. Nice time. We were at the edge of a woods looking west toward the sunset. Sitting quiet. Watching all the wildlife. Hearing the whistle off the wings of geese and swans. 15 or more deer out tonight, not a single one in range.

Tried doing a call (the fawn bleat) scared them off. Duane, I need your help to learn to do it right, no grizzlies here so not as much risk as you--just black bear and timber wolves (and the occasional Mountain Lion).

Beautiful evening, warm, hundreds of swans and geese flying across the sunset. Heard a buck (I think) grunting in the woods behind us, the "social grunt." Mice and squirrels everywhere. I should change my pants. I smell like red fox urine.

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