Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An Update

I've been under the weather for three weeks, our family has the same virus/flu whatever. But we're getting better.

My parents visited us last weekend and brought Jeremy, and his girl-friend. She slept with the girls--as if that needed to be stated.

We wanted Cassy to visit us so we could talk with her and Jeremy.

I'm so glad that my folks can stay with us. Mom and Dad, I love you. Happy Anniversary. Married in 1965. Thank you for everything you have done for us. But especially for your steadfast love for each other.

So, less important things, the Sippers gave us three roosters. They are in the pen with the lambs. Hopefully we can butcher them in the next few days. We've got a storm coming, and all. And if the Sippers need help with butchering their chickens, we'll help out.

One of my parish members was involved in a very bad car accident near Eau Claire, WI. He is bruised and a bit torn, but OK. He's on his way home with his wife right now. We thank God for keeping Brian safe.

Mary, the kids, and I cleaned up the garages and yard for the storm that's supposed to greet us tonight. "Welcome to winter in Minnesota! Here is your fuel bill, Ha, ha, ha, Ha!"

I flushed the radiator on the Van. The last time I flushed a radiator was on our 1979 Plymouth Volare just after Mary and I were married. Thankfully, it has been raining so the cats won't drink up any anti-freeze spills.

Matt and I have been out bowhunting for deer. But so far we have only scared the deer. Matt got off a shot at one, but because arrows are so delicate, some brush deflected his aim. I won't credit him with bad aim.

Sharise, if you are reading this, bring your family next fall. We'll give you rooms and meals, you can deer hunt (rifle or bow--your choice), or if you want, we can arrange a hunt for black bear with a guide. We can't pay for the trip or licenses, but staying here is on us: If you all can put up with the chaos of a large family and Gluten Free meals.

Louisa is enjoying her stay with our friends in Hawaii. She asked if she could stay one more week. Who wouldn't want to? I look outside at the rain that will probably turn to ice tonight and think of white sand, turqoise water, fresh pineapple, grilled pork, and sunshine..... aahh... (by the way, Louisa, that's not a "yes"-yet)

So, working on the calendar, the Christmas program, and other planning for the parish, this is a brief update.

But, I also want to point you in the direction of a very helpful article by Cassy Fiano on the direction popular society and promiscuity. It's a very direct article on what Cassy calls "pseudo-Feminism" and how it hypocritically embraces what she calls "Slut Culture".  I want to thank you, Cassy, for your candid exposition and good research. Her article is somewhat explicit, so use your discretion as parents, but it is very helpful for talking with our daughters and sons --so that they can know the lies that face them about human sexuality.

"6 Brazen Advocates of Slut Culture on the Pseudo-Feminist Left" by Cassy Fiano.

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