Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Surgery for my member who went to Bemidji went very well, even if the wait was long before surgery. He's home now and doing well recovering. Thanks for the prayers and still keep him in them.

Today I went to Fargo for Allie E. Allie is Ryan B's sister, see this post, this post, and this post. Allie (33yo mother of 2 young children) had a stroke at work yesterday at about 12:30 noon. Fortunately her co-worker saw there was something wrong and got help. Allie got the tPA shot in time to help her. tPA carries with it a not insignificant danger of hemmorage for the first 24 hours after the shot, so she was tested several times every hour until early this afternoon.

And she is tired, but talkative.

The stroke affected her right side and her speech. Yesterday afternoon she didn't have the use of her right side and couldn't talk, but soon after the tPA shot she started to get some movement back. This morning she was very weak, but she was able to move her right arm, fingers, leg, and toes. And she was speaking very clearly.

The stroke doesn't seem to have affected her vision, hearing, memory or clarity of thought. She remembers the bumpy ride on the helicopter to Fargo very clearly. And she remembers when the ER docter shouted out for the tPA shot.

When I was talking with her she seemed most concerned about her Mom and Dad and the affect this is having on them. So, Rod and Cheryl: when I left she was sleeping a bit before the MRI, but she wants you to know she's doing fine.

The doctors and nurses were all very happy with how much and how quicly Allie is recovering. Of course a lot has to be learned yet about her condition and she'll have some more tests and more work to do for recovery. Tomorrow they'll also do an echo cardiogram of the back of her heart and some more tests.

For all of her family and friends, the doctor said she has to stop smoking! Help her do that. Those of you who smoke, don't enable her. Quit for Allie.

She should be moving from ICU this evening to a regular room where the neurology staff can check her and give her therapy. One NP said that the next three weeks are where they have to work with her very intensely and quickly to help her get as much early recovery as possible. The longer the wait, the harder recovery is.

We thank God for His gracious providential care through medicine and the staff at the hospitals, for His gift of good positive and quick recovery for Allie, and pray that He may grant her a good and full recovery.

Please keep her and her family in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with Allie and her family. I know Allie will have a speedy recovery. She is surrounded by a great group of family and friends. Stay positive! :)

Michelle Skjerven

Renae Marquis said...

Thanks so much for everything!