Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Monday, Monday

Sunday morning the radio was winking out on the AM, even the FM seemed a bit funny. Found out later that there was a huge, as in HUGE solar flair going on Sunday morning. So, Monday,

I got all the burning stuff ready, the brush hay and stuff. The fire wouldn't start right away so I got lighter fluid. Then it took off.

"meeew!, meew! meew!"

Drat! One of the cats had put her kittens under the pile.

So, singed hair and beard, pulled off branches and got the 4 kittens out.

2 of them had singed hair, the other 2 were just warm.

I put them next to their mother, but they kept walking toward the burn pile.

They are cute. Stupid, but cute.

Several hours later, working in the garage I noticed fresh cat poop.

A lot of it.

Grr, stupid cats.

Cats are only grateful at the time you pet them.

Jeremy, Matt, and Louisa got home sometime around or after midnight. I don't know. I was asleep. I'm glad they're back.

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