Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bierdna; The Bear and Chicks

Over the past few weeks this has become a more common sight. This particular bear was just north of the tracks and pipeline on Polk Co. Rd. 6. West side, North and across from Pedersen's.

The photo is from two weeks ago when we went to Bemidji to pick up some baby chickens to raise for food.

At first we had them in a kiddie pool in the basement.
That lasted just a couple of days. I had already built a chicken tractor. We put the chicks in the garage inside the chicken cage to protect them from the cats-and Inge.

Inge is an amazingly enterprizing one-year-old. She wants to feed the chicks. She'll grab one of her toy teacups, sneak into the garage and scoop out of the feed bag that is as tall as she is. One scoop at a time. But a lot of feed can be spilled on the floor in five minutes.

The chicks are bigger now. They are the Cornish Cross breed. They grow really fast. We have them outside during the daytime now. And soon they will be outside day and night.

I bought 12 expecting that we were incompetent enough to have most of them die on us. No such luck so far. Still all 12 are alive and starting to try to fly. The Cornish Cross are supposed to reach maturity in 6 to 8 weeks.

We got these chicks kind of as an experiment to see if we could keep chickens alive in a limited space and while keeping the property neat.

I hope to post a video from the first evening we had them home.

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