Friday, March 12, 2010

A Good News Report on Gun Control

Thank you to Jessie for posting this on the Plucked Chicken. For my readers, if you have ever looked at the bottom of this blog you will see a blog called Gun Watch that I read which makes a good effort at documenting the issue of gun carrying in the United States. The general upshot of all the data is that carrying a weapon can save your life.

Here's the video Jessie posted:

One of the cities highlighted in this video is Kennisaw, Georgia. I had the pleasure to live there for a short time while I was in college in 1986. Back in 1982 the city of Kennisaw, GA, passed a law requiring each household to have a gun. Partly this was in response to the gun ban that Morton Grove, IL, passed in 1981. The results speak for themselves. Home burglaries in Kennisaw dropped from 65 to 26 just in the first year that the law requiring ownership of guns was passed. By 1984 there were only 11 burglaries.

Gun carrying and ownership wasn't really a burning issue on my mind in those days. But I do remember seeing quite a few people carrying handguns openly; even in in church.

When we lived in Chicago in 1994-5 I had three members of the congregation I served two said they carried guns, one said she carried a knife. Each of them said they carried these weapons to protect themselves. Chicago banned handguns in the Spring of 1982. From that time Chicago's crime rate with handguns has exploded. While we lived there the city of Chicago also banned ammunition for handguns.

Guess what? The bad guys didn't care. When we lived in Oak Park, IL, a man defended his home by shooting the would-be intruder. The home owner was taken to trial. But his family lived. And eventually, the home owner was declared right by U. S. court in what he did.

Look at these sites:

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