Sunday, March 28, 2010

Buckskin and Maple Syrup

No photos uploaded yet. I'll try to get them.

Well, I saved one good hide from last fall's harvest. I tried with some others last fall, but gave up too soon. I put the salted hide in a 35 gallon trash bin with water and hydrated lime. Let it set for several days. Saturday I scraped it. The hair came off very easily. I did manage to burn my hands a bit with the hydrated lime. "Moisturize me, Moisturize me!"

There were an incredible number of deer ticks embedded in the hide. Scraped them out too. I folded the hide, put it in a trash bag and into the freezer for scraping this summer. Then I got the other old hides. Another one is in the hydrated lime and water now.

Maple Syrup:
Gene A called Saturday to ask if we wanted 10 gallons of Maple Sap. "Yes!" I said. He came over today. I've had it on a burner in the garage now for about 7 hours. It has reduced to about 3 gallons now. I will turn it off before bed. If I do it right we might get 3 pints of home made Maple Syrup from the batch.

The garage smells really nice right now. Thank you, Gene.

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