Saturday, February 20, 2010

Four Old Photos

Laura S. (now D.)

1990 French Creek Trip, Larua S. (now D.) standing by a VW we found at Rushmore.

Emily's recital in 1989?

Climbing rock in the Black Hills
Climbing rock on the French Creek trip in 1990. I'm up toward the top, the little fleck of baby blue, next to John G in white. I think it was John. Wasn't it you, John? Maybe it was Laura. Mary thinks it was Laura. Maybe it was Beth, she had a red kerchief on her head during that trip. But the person in the photo also looks like Kristi. Was it you? Kristi? Click on the photo to go to larger versions--if you really want to. Wow, we were pretty high up. No safety lines. I seem to remember someone commenting about that at the time. Mary gets nervous looking at the photo. We started at the bottom, along that chimney in front.

Charles in 1989?

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