Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Computer Upgrades, almost complete

It's been time to upgrade the operating systems and some hardware on our computers, household and work.

I maintain the kids' school computer, Mary's kitchen computer, Louisa's Mac, a webserver/file server, my desktop computer, a very rarely used old Micron XKe laptop, and a computer I set up for the parish secretary.

The kids' school computer: 

Well, this wasn't really an upgrade, really just a house cleaning. It's a Dell Dimension 2400 running XP-Pro. There was so much garbage on it from when we bought it 6 years ago that it needed a disk wipe and re-install. Over the years the keyboard and mouse have been replaced a few times. The original DVD drive stopped working properly for DVDs, so I replaced that a few years ago. Probably it was used as a drink holder too many times.

This one computer takes more effort to maintain than all of our other computers. Why? Microsoft Windows. Back up: all afternoon: Install a program, reboot. Change a setting, reboot. Subscribe to MS Update, download, reboot, reboot, reboot. Set up the hardware, reboot, reboot, reboot: 3 days.

The computer I let the secretary use:

This computer is backed up to the file server.

Back up files: 1 hour.
From Suse 10.0 to Linux Mint 8. 20 minutes.
Copy files: 1 hour.
Install new hard drive: 30 minutes.

The Web/file server:

This computer serves the parish web pages and acts as a back up file server for the rest of the computers. The web pages and databases are backed up to my office computer and remotely to Mary's kitchen computer.

Back up files: 30 minutes.
From Suse 10.2 to Linux Mint 8: 20 min.
XAMPP install 15 minutes.
Copy files: 15 minutes

My office computer:

Backed up to the file server.

Back up files: 2 hours
From Suse 10.2 to Linux Mint 8: 20 min.
Copy files: 2 hrs.

Mary's kitchen computer:

Backed up to the file server.

I upgraded from Suse 10.1 to Suse 11.0 a while ago. Suse is going on 11.3 now. I didn't have to back up at that time. It took about 45 minutes for the upgrade.

But now I think I'll switch it to Linux Mint 8. It's a bit slower computer, so it will probably take 1/2 an hour. Her files are already backed up to the file server.

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