Thursday, January 07, 2010


Brian W wins the prize. Now I have to decide which prize to give him. I think he'd like an owl pellet, or a Remo Williams novel, a book on physics experiments, or even an old Mack Bolan "The Executioner" adventure. Which would you like, Brian?

Now try this Dvorak, Largo from Symphony 9 "The New World":

I never get tired of this piece.

Howard F. passed away on Wednesday the 30th of December. This past weekend it was too cold for church on Saturday at Mt. Olive. And St. Petri canceled church for Sunday morning because the temp was colder than -20F.

Naz and OP had services. I baptized Maddie Nelson at Oak Park. Kyle and Kim were able to finalize their adoption of Maddie on Dec. 31st. We are very happy for them.

We had visitation for Howard at Oklee on Sunday afternoon. Monday we had Howard's funeral. I put his obituary on the wordpress blog. You can get to it from the links on the left side of the page. Please keep Howard's family in your prayers.

Tuesday Esther R. needed CPR and was revived. She seemed to be doing pretty well on Wed. Please keep her in your prayers.

Wed. evening Blanche B. had a stroke. She's recovering TRF hospital today. She seems to be doing fairly well, but please keep her in your prayers.

Mary's taking some of the kids to piano lessons and the library today. I'm taking Stella, John, and Donna to see Blanche and Esther.

We'll stop by Kevin's place on the way home from Fosston.

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