Thursday, January 14, 2010

Testing Google Chrome

Google Chrome LogoImage by Randy Zhang via Flickr

I just installed Google's web browser (called "Chrome") on Suse Linux 11.1.

The download and installation went fairly quickly. Chrome imported bookmarks, cookies, history, etc. from Firefox.

I fired it up and went to my Yahoo mail.
No good. Yahoo mail directed my to Yahoo mail classic and said that Yahoo doesn't support this browser.

I went to Chrome's extensions to see if there were anything like Scribefire for Firefox to help in blogging.

The extensions website is poorly organized. But at least you can search.

I installed Zemanta (intended to aid in blogging).

Now I'm here writing this, Zemanta is offering all kinds of images and contextually relevant links for the text. I'll have to decide how much I'm going to do with Zemanta.

Chrome seems quick. Youtube works well. live audio doesn't work, though the mp3s work

Hebrew renders fine except the last word in a line of Hebrew is rendered sans serif and a bit smaller than the preceding text. streaming doesn't seem to work. works, it is based in the Flash Player just like Youtube.

More later on this

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Marge said...

We saw your members, Darrow and Shirley Lundeen, at church this morning in Corpus Christi. We had seen them last year in Panama City, Florida! Every church we've visited on our travels has had a connection with people back home, or with Bethany. It's a small world.

I continue to enjoy your blog.
Marge Lillo