Saturday, January 02, 2010

Catching up on this past week or so

Owl pellets from a snowy owl living in the pasture grass just east of our house.

Cathy G made this for me. I'll be using it at Nazareth rather than hauling it around. I don't want to damage it.
Cathy did all the bead work. The beads are sewn to buckskin that one of her relatives tanned.

Here's the splash photo from the December 19th post.

This photo is from OP just before the Christmas Catechization on Dec 19th.

I am overwhelmed by the support that my congregation members shower upon me and my family through out the years and especially during Christmas.

Thank you. And may God bless you for your generosity.

In each of your own ways you have made me and my family part of your own families.

Kevin, Howard, Cathy, Kory, and all of you, the members of our congregations, thank you. And may the faith in Christ Incarnate keep you through the resurrection.

Sunday (12/20) afternoon we had Catechization at Oak Park. The kids did wonderfully. I am very grateful to God for all of the children at each of our congregations for their dedication to learning God's Word and presenting it to the congregations on the opportunity of Christ's Birth.

Monday (12/21) I went out on visits. I only got to 2 of the three I had hoped. Kevin is doing well, considering his prognosis and situation. Howard was doing very well, also considering his situation. I couldn't get to Esther today because of some other complications, including spending extra time with Kevin and Howard.

Monday evening was our circuit Christmas dinner in Fertile, MN. We met at the Sandhill Crane restaurant in Fertile. I stopped at a home visit on the Red Lake Nation this evening before going to the Circuit supper.

Tuesday, Sophie and I went to Fosston for Esther and Helen, then to Crookston for Wayne O. We stopped at Ordean S's so Sophie could see his skunk furs.

Wed 12/23 a run to Alexandria to get Jeremy from Grandpa and Grandma.

It was pretty snowy by the time we got home. Mom and dad got stuck in their driveway.

This evening one of our neighbor's barn burned down. Clara saw the fire. Mary called me at the office. I went over to their farm. I took their kids home that evening. Nobody was hurt, no cattle, cats, dogs, or hay were hurt--just the barn, a new tractor and an ATV among other things were lost. The fire was likely due to a block heater on the tractor that malfunctioned. Going over to their farm a lot of priorities were kind of shocked into me. They are the same priorities that my parents taught me, but when you stand next to a building that is being rabidly consumed by flames you realize how close each of us and our children come to tragedy every day.

Well, I got their kids home for the evening.

Then the blizzard hit.

The neighbors got their kids early on Christmas Eve.

But we were pretty much locked in the house from Christmas Eve to Sunday the 27th.

No church Christmas Eve, No church Christmas Day, No church Sat. at Mt. Olive.

We had church at Oak Park on the 27th, St. Petri had services and read my sermon. I left for St. Petri at 6:45am. At 7:10am I was still only about 5 miles from home. There was a mist coming down and freezing on the road and the car. The car would slide if I looked at the accelerator or the brake pedals. I turned around, got home at 7:30am and called Wayne W at St. Petri to let him know I couldn't get there.

Nazareth was plowed out, services there at 9:45am, then to OP for 11am services, baby Fred S was baptized. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. No photos yet, sorry. I'll get them when I can.

Sunday afternoon we celebrated Clara and Inge's birthdays, and we got ready to go to Grandpa and Grandmas.

Monday (12/28) just before we left for my parent's place, mom called to let me know that my great aunt, Bernice, had passed away.

The roads between here and Fosston were awful. From Fosston to Wadena they were pretty good. From Wadena to Alex they were clear. Alex to Glenwood was a bit tricky. Glenwood to Swift Falls was totally awful. Long, painful, slow.
Swift Falls to Maynard was ok but patchy. Maynard to Mom and Dads was also awful.

But we got there safely, if late (and with a whopping neck-ache).

Tuesday (12/29) we celebrated Christmas with my folks. Wednesday (12/30) Mom, Dad and I went to Mankato for my aunt's funeral. We picked up my uncle, Randy, and Grandma K. We didn't get back until late afternoon. That's when I found out that Howard F had passed away.

Please keep Howard's family in your prayers at this time of their loss.

Thursday we spent visiting Grandpa K and Grandma K in Redwood Falls and Morton.

We celebrated New Years eve with my folks.

Friday (1/1) we started out for home at 10am. We took 71 most of the way to keep away from ice. We got home about 6:30pm.

It was -25 F when we got home.

It was -37F when we got up this morning (Sat, 1/2) No church at Mt. Olive. Too cold.

Our furnace didn't work, the LP didn't feel like getting up to do its job. It needed some hot water poured on the tank to persuade it. Heater works now. And the sun hit the tank at about 10:30am.

It's warmed up quite a bit to -6F. I'm going out on visits in a littl e bit, to see Howard's family, and maybe to see Kevin V.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting!! I hope you guys had a good christmas and have a blessed happy new year!!

A Stafford said...

Who's the lucky one that gets to dissect the owl pellets? I'd love to see a pic of what you're able to reconstruct!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday (to the appropriate girls)!

bottel said...

That is beautiful bead work.They look like "cut beads",Very nice!I would like to see a snowey owl this winter!