Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday's business

Well, we had worship this morning at Mt. Olive. The sermon was on John the Baptizer. One main question I asked myself and my congregation was what if we knew that we faced imprisonment or certain death for simply calling a sin a sin against God? Do we worry about family, friends, and loved ones? Or do we, like John, point to Christ as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the World?

I spent some time with Howard F. today. He is doing both well and horribly. His attitude is good. And he is able to move his right side now, to some degree. He can use his left hand to feed himself. But the stroke debilitated his gag reflex, so he can only eat small amounts of food that are the consistency of honey or pudding. And there is the constant danger that the food will fill his lungs. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

I didn't get to see Kevin today. I stopped by for Zak's confirmation class, got home for lunch. Got Donna to her nap and went to do a family visit with Cheryl. Cheryl was hospitalized last night and they were worried that she was having heart problems. She's doing fine right now, and is home. Rod came home for her, even though he had to deal with the massive oil spill at Staples, MN. Rod is one of the main pipeliners that ensures the safety of the public and the oil pipelines in MN.

I'm thankful that there are guys like him and those in his family that do this kind of stressful work. Please keep Cheryl and Rod in your prayers.

We had program/Christmas catechization practice at Nazareth this evening. Then I had an urgent family visit. I got home kind of late and needed to finish printing the program for Naz tomorrow.

Incidentally, there are several members of our congregations who are going through some very difficult issues right now. Some due to the economy, some due to other reasons.

With all the hospitalizations and the individual trials some of my members are facing, I ask you to keep us all in your prayers.

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