Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nazareth Christmas Program, ...

Today was also busy. yes, three services. The usual. But at second service I was a bit worried. When I write the Christmas Catechization Programs I try to time them at under an hour, but one can never tell how well the kids will do.

They did great. Nazareth held their Christmas Program today during regular worship times. I must remember to schedule it differently next year so the other parish members can attend. The most profound statement came from Henry B. "Pastor, it was beautiful." He was crying. Henry is such a dear, dear child of God.

I hope to post the Catechization soon at the Diatheke blog. I use the Christmas program as a Catechization on the chief parts of Martin Luther's Small Catechism. This year the focus was on the Sacrament of the Alter. So I chose to have the children recite the prophecies of the Old Testament and the Catechism that applied to how the Christ Child would give us salvation through the Sacrament of His Holy Body and Blood.

At Oak Park we had a dinner after church for the four newborns in our congregation in celebration of their Baptisms.

In the evening I was privileged to have a home visit with a member going through a very great trial.

And when I came home, there were my wife and children-even Jeremy on the phone with Matt.

Now, Mary and I are going to cozy up together with a movie. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season.

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