Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Catechizations

Last Sunday Nazareth had it's Christmas Catechization, I took Monday off, did writing on Tuesday, made several phone calls. We've got sick kids, and Mary and I are a bit under the weather.

Wednesday more office work with Wed School. Thursday more writing to get ready for the Christmas blitz.

We've got Fred S's baptism scheduled for Dec 27th, and Nikolena H's baptismal affirmation scheduled for Jan 10th. Ellie and Eli's affirmation is scheduled too, but I just can't remember which Sunday tonight as I'm writing this.

Friday, among other writing tasks, I took a bit of time to make an arrow out of Cattail. I broke my bow and the arrow. The bow break isn't serious. I can repair that. But, grrr.

I need to make knock tips for the bow to avoid splitting between the grain. I should have done that earlier. Sorry, Quinten, you won't be able to use it next week.

Saturday, Christmas Catechization at Mt. Olive. The kids did great. We had nice visiting time after the service.

Two shut in visits. Howard F. was doing much better. He's getting stronger and is able to eat more food and more regularly. It still has to be the right texture for his throat muscles. Please keep him in your prayers.

Kevin wasn't home! He was feeling well enough to go on a visit of his own. I talked to his wife, Kim, for a little while and set up a visit for Monday morning. Please continue to keep Kevin in your prayers.

Got back to Oak Park for Christmas Catechization practice. Ate lunch, made copies for St. Petri's service this evening. Ate a hasty supper and ran up to St. Petri.

The St. Petri kids did wonderfully in their Catechization this evening. We had a nice visit after the service. Inge was getting tired and cranky by the time we left. She fell asleep on the way home. So when we got home she was wide awake.

We got the rest of the kids in bed. Mary fed Inge, set her down. She tripped and discovered a Little-Tike's car; grabbed it and waddled off at high-speed.

The next thing I hear is a splash.

Apparently, Inge thought the car was either a boat or a Personal Flotation Device and went to the nearest body of open water to test her theory: the main bathroom toilet.

Washed her, washed it. Let her wander around a bit longer and then put her in bed.

Soon, Mary and I can get some shut-eye.

Sleepy Time tea by R.C. Bigelow. Inc. Yum.

Hopefully we'll be over this bug in a couple of more days.

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