Monday, November 16, 2009

some more catch up

OK, it's Monday night. I'm trying to stay up to see the Leonid meteor shower. It's supposed to heighten between 1am and 6am the 17th.

A lot has happened since Sammy got her deer. I've had the kids out several times. Elsie got a shot at a deer. But there's a lot of space around a deer where a bullet can go. And it did.

We had to deal with trespassers on hunting grounds--and disappoint my daughter's hunting because of them; and a couple of road hunters.

Road hunters. I will photograph your vehicle and license plate and send it to the DNR. Your bunch is dangerous.

We processed a couple of deer, one for Sammy's family, one for ours. We have three more deer aging on the hook right now. I have four deer hides in CaOH to make buckskin. Stupid Methamphetamine market and the MN legislature have made NaOH impossible to buy. That would make hide hair removal far easier.

Becky and Nate are expecting their firstborn this week. Becky is starting labor, but it's kind of slow. Please keep her, Nate and the baby in your prayers.

Jessica and Jared had their baby: Nicolena today. They are all doing well. I'm going Tues. afternoon for baptism at the hospital. Please keep them in your prayers.

Alyssa and Quinten had their twins: Ellie and Eli today. Mom and the twins are doing well. Please keep them in your prayers.

On a side issue. I'm kind of fuming about a bad article in "the Lutheran Sentinel" this past month titled "Stewardship: Trusting God to Provide the Means."

Oh, the title is fine. And the author has preached many good, biblical sermons. But for some reason or another, the topic of Stewardship seems the exception. His essay at this past summer's convention on this topic was filled with all kinds of Reformed and Charismatic garbage. It's as if when it comes to giving money to church the Bible isn't enough, or somehow the Bible--in his misunderstanding--grants him the authority to preach works righteousness (all out of love for Jesus, of course).

Well, I'm going out to enjoy the meteors God sends us this evening.

Good night.

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