Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sammy got her deer

Tues morning I went out with Elsie for a while. No luck.

Tues afternoon Elsie and I picked up Louisa and Sammy. I took them to the farm rather than the cemetery. We saw a deer as we were parking. Louisa and Sammy went around the grove, up the ditch, creeping into position.

Elsie and I went noisily down the driveway to scare, if possible, some deer out for Louisa and Sammy to get.

I put Elsie in the tree stand then went over to check on the others.

As I was making sure of their placement and showing them where their shooting zones were I saw three deer running from a half mile away. Running toward us.

"Just lay down, aim your guns, and wait till they get close." Then I ran back to Elsie and we watched.

The girls were really patient.

And, in the end it didn't take long for Sammy to get her deer. All the girls helped drag it out. All the girls helped with the gutting and putting it in the trunk.

We got back by 5:15pm and Sammy helped me hang the deer up in the garage (next to the other two). Hopefully she'll be helping to skin it after Wednesday School.

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