Monday, November 02, 2009

A really brief summary, sorry.

This is a place where Louisa and I were out hunting deer. We looked this way. The deer were behind us, behind the hay bales. We missed them.

Tue Mary went to Fosston with three kids for dentist appointments. Fred and Sara S had a new son, Fred the IVth. Please keep them in your prayers.

Wed I spent writing Christmas program and sermon for this Sunday; then Wednesday School. Kevin V. got home, check his progress. And please keep him and Kim in your prayers.

Thur, Mary and kids went to RLF for piano lessons, library, and groceries. I did shut in visits in TR. Matthew came with me. Evelyn G. was doing very poorly, please keep her in your prayers. Inge had a toga on this evening. She danced while Clara played guitar.

Fri 10/30 Snowstorm/ice storm. I went to Clearbrook for funeral visitation for Jim Bagaason. Lots of cars in the ditch, lots of deer on the road or by it. Slow drive. Jim's funeral is Saturday, Please keep his family in your prayers.

Just got word this morning that Jim H's brother, Richard, passed away this morning. I will have the burial service at St. Petri on Wed. Nov 4th at 2pm. Please keep Jim and his family in your prayers.

Snow on the trees at sunset on Saturday.

Sat 10/31 No Church at Mt. Olive, baaad ice. Warmed up at noon and the roads started to clear. Shawn and Becky C's son, Sawyer was baptized at OP. Mary took the older kids trick-or-treating. I stayed home with Inge.

Sun 11/1 Joint Reformation/All Saints' Day worship at OP with a meal afterward.

In the evening we had a Reformation party for the Youthgroup at St. Petri. Lots of fun. Yes, we still play musical chairs. And we still have fun with it.

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