Friday, November 06, 2009

Marriage Vows

Well, I finally did something, after 20 wonderful years of marriage, to cause my wife to question whether she should have actually taken those vows.

See her blog post
There Ought to be a phrase...

It concerns the reason the catfood was cleaned up in our garage but not the golf set.

I spent Thursday morning doing shut-in calls. I got home, Mary took all but Matt and Sophie with to Piano lessons and the Library. I worked on sermon in the office. When they got home I was starting to get a migraine. Maybe that's why I did what I did.

Wednesday evening I shot the skunk while it was still in the lawnmower bag.

Thursday evening I went to dispose of the skunk.

It was dead.

Dead skunks can still spray if they're bumped in just the right way.

I accidentally found the right way.

It didn't get me in the face. But I was already dazed by my migraine so, why not. Sophie had been bugging me to skin the skunk.

It was fun to watch Clara, Sophie, John, and Elsie stand back and squirm in the smell while I skinned the skunk.

Clara wanted the fore claws for someone. OK.

Unfortunately the tail tore, so I'll have to sew it back together later. The kids ran in and got the salt and such. Now the pelt is at the edge of the yard, salted. My gloves are soaking in soap water with baking soda. My clothes are all in the yard. I took a bath with H2O2 and Baking soda.

Today, Friday, was the MN Governor's opening for Deer Season at TRF. I spent 8:30 am to 3:30pm at the Ralph Englestad arena running one of the Laser Shot stations with Brent Walle. I skipped the glutenous dinner with the Gov. The Gov came down to the floor and gave a brief speech to all the kids (around 300?) at the arena.

He didn't explain his philosophical/economic distinction between a fee and a tax. There were so many LEOs at the arena I wondered who was keeping the streets safe.

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hmv003 said...

Fantastic story about the skunk! The excitement must never end at your house! :)