Monday, November 09, 2009

Hunting with the kids

Sorry, no photos. It wasn't really possible.
Saturday we had church at Mt. Olive, Sat. School, private confirmation class, a family visit. Quick lunch at home, then I got Elsie and Louisa ready for deer hunting. This is Elsie's first time. Matt was over hunting with some family friends.

I got the girls out to the farmstead where I've been bowhunting, put Louisa up in the tree stand like last year, only with the 30-30 this time. I took Elsie to the ditch next to the soybean field and we waited. Elsie had the single shot 20 gauge. I had a SAA .357 revolver. Half an hour before sundown we heard noise to our left. I had Elsie hold still. I was on the left. It was a nice sized 2 year old or so buck. He looked at us a long time, came closer. But I was on the wrong side for Elsie to get a shot, and he wasn't close enough for a revolver.

He went back into the woods. 20 minutes later a Doe and a fawn came out. And I didn't learn. I hadn't changed positions with Elsie. They came out the same spot. Watched us for a while. We must have moved. They ran off with the Doe screaming.

Around sunset there were some more noises from the same area, but no one showed up. We stopped by the neighbors' place to let them know we'd be back Sunday evening.

Sunday we had St. Petri, Nazareth, and Oak Park services. Many farmers were trying to get soybeans in before the rain. I suspect the non-farmers were out in the woods. Nazareth held its hunters dinner. Very nice. I took the girls out again. Similar placement, but with Elsie closer to the deer path.

Just at sundown a doe came out to our north. It was raining. I missed twice. We tried tracking it until dark, just in case I did hit it.

Monday morning, Clara and Elsie helped me cover the woods looking for any possible blood trail. Nothing.

Monday afternoon Matt and I picked up Louisa and her friend Sammy and went out to another spot. When we got there there were two deer grazing in the field. After taking our time in approaching the deer without them seeing, hearing, or smelling us I put Sammy on the dirt pile with Matt and Louisa to the left.

Sammy was our guest, so we gave her the first shot. Matt fired the second. Sammy the third. Matt the fourth, Sammy the fifth.

The deer were still looking at us and started to think there might be something not quite safe about their situation.

Mat fired the sixth shot. Sammy fired the seventh.

Now the deer moved off.

They started about 300 yards away from us. They needn't have been afraid.

Well, we waited until sundown, packed up and visited the neighbors again to let them know where we'd be. Mostly, though, Louisa wanted some of their banana bread. Which they gladly gave to her, Matt, and Sammy.

Sammy's mom and sisters came over for supper.

I hope take Elsie out tomorrow morning. Then I hope to get Louisa and Sammy for the evening.

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