Saturday, November 21, 2009

Long Friday

I have a photo I'll put up when I can, of Ellie and her folks. Ellie is in GF in the ICU. Born just Monday she is having some serious problems. Please keep her, and her parents in your prayers. I went to GF and baptized Ellie. Both Quinten and Alyssa were there. We will baptize Eli in the next few days. Eli seems to be doing fine.

Evelyn G. had another serious setback today. She is on her deathbed. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. I spent some time with her and her family in Thief River today.

Well, I got home late in the afternoon from the hospital calls. We have a couple of our girls' friends staying over this evening.

I made, you guessed it, venison!

The mix was Mirin, Balsamic Vinegar, Garlic, Paprika, a touch of Chili Powder, and Salt. Seared in butter, baked in the oven at 350 for 25 minutes. I should have done it for 15 or 20 minutes. The flavor was good, the meat was tough. Overcooked.

Matt and I processed the last bit of one of the deer we have hanging. 2 left.

I went to memorize the sermon. Now I'm waiting on a bit of jerky.

Hey Joel! It tastes great!

Friday, November 20, 2009

I will have to go to jail

If the health care bill passes and becomes law there are several Biblical reasons why I could not abide by the bill. But there is just one thing in the bill that points out what is wrong with the whole thing. The bill, as it is written right now, requires that I pay for abortions.

Take a look at the language of the bill at this post.

I hope my parish will understand. I know that we'd get by in any economic problem because our parish is so good to us. But I have to ask them all to call their political representatives to stop this health care bill as it is written now.

The vote is supposed to take place at 8:00pm Saturday.

I am not telling any0ne that they have to decide one way or another on politics. I am saying that the requirement in this present bill for me to pay for abortions is beyond my ability to abide. Murder is murder no matter how young the victim is. This bill is immoral according to the 5th Commandment "Thou shalt not murder." The murder sanctioned by this bill is not only the required financing of abortion, but it is also the so-called "Death Panels" that will review whether or not a person's life is worth living to the state. These so-called "Death Panels" are in this bill. And they are authorized by this bill to make the decision of who should be allowed to live.

Stop this madness now. Call your reps and gov officials.

If the bill passes and is signed into law I will go to jail. And so will many of you.

I will not support the execution of the unborn, the elderly, or anyone that the government chooses with my taxes or in any other way.

Christ told us this kind of persecution would come in Matt. 24-25. Well, it's close now. Here in the U.S.A.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Two dear left to process

I cut up a hind quarter and the back and neck of one deer tonight. One quarter left of this one, then the other two. Only after I'm done with these will I consider going out with the bow for another one or two. It depends upon how much meat we will have.

I'm trying to make buckskin, but I think I might not be using enough hydrated lime to remove the skin. I'll have to do more research and try different concentrations with the remaining pelts.

Hey, You!

Tell me how things are going.


Venison, mmmm.
Lots of good ways to cook it.
Butter fried tenderloin.

Then seared under the roaster.
Just a bit of rosemary, a squeeze of lemon.

Joel, I put a hind quarter (most of it) in marinade this evening for jerky for you. Wet weight 6lbs. Tenderquick, Soy sauce, Worchestershire, onion powder, minced garlic, brown sugar, honey, and a handful of crushed tepins from the batch you sent me. I'll do the drying tomorrow evening. I'll try to get it sent off the beginning of next week.

The venison quarter is great. Aged 2 weeks on the hook. I had a steak from the batch for supper. Nice and tender, great flavor. I'll let you know when I send it off.

The Babies and Visits

It's been a fairly busy week. Three new babies in the parish, a couple of hospitalizations, and a member who is dying.

Let's start with the babies, all born this past Monday.

This is Ellie. She's in GF at the hospital now. I'm going over Friday morning to baptize her. She's not able to regulate her glucose levels yet. I think she was 4 lbs 3 oz. at birth. As of this evening she is stable but needs constant monitoring. Alyssa is recovering well but worried about Ellie. Please keep her in your prayers.
The boy in blue is her giant twin brother, Eli. He weighed in at 5 lbs. 1.7 oz.
Eli is doing well getting used to air, noise, and the out-doors. These are Quinten and Alyssa's new children. Their older siblings are going to love getting to know them. Please keep their family in your prayers.

Now we turn to Nikolena

Jared and Jessica had me baptize Nikolena right away on Tuesday. Here she is with her sponsors, auntie Amanda and uncle Shane.
And here is Nikolena. She'll get plenty of attention from her two older brothers. Jessica is recovering well. Please keep them in your prayers.

Louella A. is hospitalized this week, but seems to be doing somewhat better. She may be able to go home on Saturday. She was out at the farm with her two sons and their wives for deer season when she began to be ill. Please keep her in your prayers.

Ethel J. has developed a life threatening condition and is going to need surgery in the coming few days. Please keep her in your prayers. (this is Mavis' sister)

And Evelyn G. is slowly passing. Her son, David, is staying with her all the time at the nursing home now. Evelyn is 98 years old (I think). Please keep them in your prayers.

I didn't get to see Kevin V. this week. So many things going on. Please keep him in your prayers as well.

Now. I've got three different families that I'm working with who aren't members at our congregations. I take a slow and steady approach to these kinds of things. But in times like this when there are so many hospital visits the "steady" part gets wiggled a bit loose. Please keep me in your prayers also.

Monday, November 16, 2009

some more catch up

OK, it's Monday night. I'm trying to stay up to see the Leonid meteor shower. It's supposed to heighten between 1am and 6am the 17th.

A lot has happened since Sammy got her deer. I've had the kids out several times. Elsie got a shot at a deer. But there's a lot of space around a deer where a bullet can go. And it did.

We had to deal with trespassers on hunting grounds--and disappoint my daughter's hunting because of them; and a couple of road hunters.

Road hunters. I will photograph your vehicle and license plate and send it to the DNR. Your bunch is dangerous.

We processed a couple of deer, one for Sammy's family, one for ours. We have three more deer aging on the hook right now. I have four deer hides in CaOH to make buckskin. Stupid Methamphetamine market and the MN legislature have made NaOH impossible to buy. That would make hide hair removal far easier.

Becky and Nate are expecting their firstborn this week. Becky is starting labor, but it's kind of slow. Please keep her, Nate and the baby in your prayers.

Jessica and Jared had their baby: Nicolena today. They are all doing well. I'm going Tues. afternoon for baptism at the hospital. Please keep them in your prayers.

Alyssa and Quinten had their twins: Ellie and Eli today. Mom and the twins are doing well. Please keep them in your prayers.

On a side issue. I'm kind of fuming about a bad article in "the Lutheran Sentinel" this past month titled "Stewardship: Trusting God to Provide the Means."

Oh, the title is fine. And the author has preached many good, biblical sermons. But for some reason or another, the topic of Stewardship seems the exception. His essay at this past summer's convention on this topic was filled with all kinds of Reformed and Charismatic garbage. It's as if when it comes to giving money to church the Bible isn't enough, or somehow the Bible--in his misunderstanding--grants him the authority to preach works righteousness (all out of love for Jesus, of course).

Well, I'm going out to enjoy the meteors God sends us this evening.

Good night.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sammy got her deer

Tues morning I went out with Elsie for a while. No luck.

Tues afternoon Elsie and I picked up Louisa and Sammy. I took them to the farm rather than the cemetery. We saw a deer as we were parking. Louisa and Sammy went around the grove, up the ditch, creeping into position.

Elsie and I went noisily down the driveway to scare, if possible, some deer out for Louisa and Sammy to get.

I put Elsie in the tree stand then went over to check on the others.

As I was making sure of their placement and showing them where their shooting zones were I saw three deer running from a half mile away. Running toward us.

"Just lay down, aim your guns, and wait till they get close." Then I ran back to Elsie and we watched.

The girls were really patient.

And, in the end it didn't take long for Sammy to get her deer. All the girls helped drag it out. All the girls helped with the gutting and putting it in the trunk.

We got back by 5:15pm and Sammy helped me hang the deer up in the garage (next to the other two). Hopefully she'll be helping to skin it after Wednesday School.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Hunting with the kids

Sorry, no photos. It wasn't really possible.
Saturday we had church at Mt. Olive, Sat. School, private confirmation class, a family visit. Quick lunch at home, then I got Elsie and Louisa ready for deer hunting. This is Elsie's first time. Matt was over hunting with some family friends.

I got the girls out to the farmstead where I've been bowhunting, put Louisa up in the tree stand like last year, only with the 30-30 this time. I took Elsie to the ditch next to the soybean field and we waited. Elsie had the single shot 20 gauge. I had a SAA .357 revolver. Half an hour before sundown we heard noise to our left. I had Elsie hold still. I was on the left. It was a nice sized 2 year old or so buck. He looked at us a long time, came closer. But I was on the wrong side for Elsie to get a shot, and he wasn't close enough for a revolver.

He went back into the woods. 20 minutes later a Doe and a fawn came out. And I didn't learn. I hadn't changed positions with Elsie. They came out the same spot. Watched us for a while. We must have moved. They ran off with the Doe screaming.

Around sunset there were some more noises from the same area, but no one showed up. We stopped by the neighbors' place to let them know we'd be back Sunday evening.

Sunday we had St. Petri, Nazareth, and Oak Park services. Many farmers were trying to get soybeans in before the rain. I suspect the non-farmers were out in the woods. Nazareth held its hunters dinner. Very nice. I took the girls out again. Similar placement, but with Elsie closer to the deer path.

Just at sundown a doe came out to our north. It was raining. I missed twice. We tried tracking it until dark, just in case I did hit it.

Monday morning, Clara and Elsie helped me cover the woods looking for any possible blood trail. Nothing.

Monday afternoon Matt and I picked up Louisa and her friend Sammy and went out to another spot. When we got there there were two deer grazing in the field. After taking our time in approaching the deer without them seeing, hearing, or smelling us I put Sammy on the dirt pile with Matt and Louisa to the left.

Sammy was our guest, so we gave her the first shot. Matt fired the second. Sammy the third. Matt the fourth, Sammy the fifth.

The deer were still looking at us and started to think there might be something not quite safe about their situation.

Mat fired the sixth shot. Sammy fired the seventh.

Now the deer moved off.

They started about 300 yards away from us. They needn't have been afraid.

Well, we waited until sundown, packed up and visited the neighbors again to let them know where we'd be. Mostly, though, Louisa wanted some of their banana bread. Which they gladly gave to her, Matt, and Sammy.

Sammy's mom and sisters came over for supper.

I hope take Elsie out tomorrow morning. Then I hope to get Louisa and Sammy for the evening.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Marriage Vows

Well, I finally did something, after 20 wonderful years of marriage, to cause my wife to question whether she should have actually taken those vows.

See her blog post
There Ought to be a phrase...

It concerns the reason the catfood was cleaned up in our garage but not the golf set.

I spent Thursday morning doing shut-in calls. I got home, Mary took all but Matt and Sophie with to Piano lessons and the Library. I worked on sermon in the office. When they got home I was starting to get a migraine. Maybe that's why I did what I did.

Wednesday evening I shot the skunk while it was still in the lawnmower bag.

Thursday evening I went to dispose of the skunk.

It was dead.

Dead skunks can still spray if they're bumped in just the right way.

I accidentally found the right way.

It didn't get me in the face. But I was already dazed by my migraine so, why not. Sophie had been bugging me to skin the skunk.

It was fun to watch Clara, Sophie, John, and Elsie stand back and squirm in the smell while I skinned the skunk.

Clara wanted the fore claws for someone. OK.

Unfortunately the tail tore, so I'll have to sew it back together later. The kids ran in and got the salt and such. Now the pelt is at the edge of the yard, salted. My gloves are soaking in soap water with baking soda. My clothes are all in the yard. I took a bath with H2O2 and Baking soda.

Today, Friday, was the MN Governor's opening for Deer Season at TRF. I spent 8:30 am to 3:30pm at the Ralph Englestad arena running one of the Laser Shot stations with Brent Walle. I skipped the glutenous dinner with the Gov. The Gov came down to the floor and gave a brief speech to all the kids (around 300?) at the arena.

He didn't explain his philosophical/economic distinction between a fee and a tax. There were so many LEOs at the arena I wondered who was keeping the streets safe.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A question on Peppers

A friend asked Mary about handling hot peppers.

I've got a recipe that calls for ancho chili powder. Have you ever used this/seen this? It says if you can't find it, to buy a poblano pepper and grind it up and then dry it. I haven't had experience doing that---you?
Both Mary and I responded:

Mary's response:
Hi ....
The chili man is at Wed school currently, but I figure, peppers are peppers. Some are fruitier or plummier or pepperier, etc. But within each variety, the hotness varies so much from year to year and various growing locations that I just kind of make stuff up. Joe always has about 15 varieties around here. Sometimes I ask him for advice, sometimes I just go for it.

Once I have my chili variety decided upon, I either put some in the mortar and pestle, soak in boiling water and use juice, or snip with scissors and then either soak or just add or whatever.

Sooooo, do whatever feels right. They're very forgiving [except the hot ones in the eye or nose]. There are always those times when I just sprinkle on cayenne or chili pepper or paprika or use whatever hot sauce is easiest.

Probably there is some flavor aspect that is innate to ancho chilis. But I've got Inge feeling sorry for herself and trying to push all my keys while I do this, so you'll have to do your own research if you want to know more.

Took me a pretty long time to say I don't really know anything, huh?

My response:
Dear ......
Anchos are medium hot, less than tobasco, less than jalapeno. Pablanos can be hotter than anchos. The ancho has a plum like flavor with some heat. A similar pepper would be the New Mexico pod. You can get both dried and whole in bags at Walmart or Hugos. I'm not sure about the stores in Bemidji, but I bet the bigger grocery stores have both. The pablano doesn't have the same complex flavor as the Ancho or the New Mexico. If you're looking for the less hot, use the New Mexico.

As for grinding, I use my electric coffee grinder on dried peppers. If you are sensitive to pepper dust, wear a face mask or MOPP gear.mopp gear

If you get the powder or juice of hot peppers on your fingers put a teaspoon of bleach and a bit of dish soap in a cup of water and scrub your hands well. The bleach is the quickest way to denature the capsaicin oil. Then wash the bleach off. Rubbing your eyes with pepper dust or oil really can ruin your day. Hence, the MOPP equipment.

If you don't have a spare coffee grinder, you can use a stone mortar and pestle, but that tends to make more dust and flecks. A food processor is ok, but harder to clean. How soon do you want the peppers. I got lots. I could even grind some for you if you don't want to buy a CWPDS.

Me, I don't care if I get it in my eyes or if I end up sneezing a long time. But be careful also when frying peppers in hot oil, or when boiling hot peppers. The smoke or steam can irritate the nose and lungs. I've forced my family out of the house a few times because I fried up some jalapenos, or because I made jam with habaneros.

We mean what we say, even when we have to type it with one hand holding a baby.

The information continues....
A note from a friend next to the Mexican boarder

Subject: Peppers


Just saw your blurb about peppers and such. Interestingly, I have in the oven this morning - chiltepin peppers. Am drying them out and then crush them in a molcajete. Not sure if that is the way that i'm supposed to make them, but hey, sprinkle some on your home-made chili and it heats things up. (We always have a chili-fest down here at church in Dec - being the mean pastor I am, I like to add some to my chili and see the expressions on some of the people's faces. I do warn them however.)

To make a long story longer - a former member of mine who lives in Mexico has these chiltepin peppers growing in their yard and they graciously give me a bunch when they ripen. Would you be interested in having a bag of chiltepin peppers? I am not sure if I could mail up the ripe ones, but I could mail up some that I am drying in the oven this minute.

Let me know when you get a chance. I'm sure it would help keep you warm this winter up in MN!

I love Tepins (Chiltepins) and we can't get them around here very often. Of course I'm interested. I love NAFTA (in this case). Once dried, they hardly cost anything to ship. Let me know. I'll pay the shipping.

And on drying methods, for those who don't know how.
Method 1. This works for thin, light meat peppers. Put some thread on a needle. Drive the needle through the stem part and keep stringing until you have a foot or so of tightly packed peppers. This is called, i think, a ristra.

Method 2. Put medium sized peppers (jalapeno, serano) on a drying rack and place the rack in your van or car in the sun with the windows cracked open for a few days. It dries the peppers and gives the car a nice smell.

Method 3. For meaty peppers, slice and dry in a food dryer or place on a drying rack an put in the oven at 170 deg F over night.

Next, smoking peppers: put on a drying/cooking rack, set in a wood smoke environment, like my home made smoker (a small steel trashcan with wood chips in the bottom. Let sit until they're done to your taste. It takes some experimenting. It's great.

Somone cleaned up the cat food

Monday I got a whole bunch of stuff in the attached garage ready to take to the new building for storage. I opened up the building and began sorting things, picking up the kids' toys, the golf junk, the scrap lumber.

I noticed the cat food was empty, and the stuff that was spilled on the floor this past week was picked up.

That seemed odd.

I put a bunch of lumber up on the shelving I built on the south wall, went over to the NE corner to clear a spot for the lawn mowers. Saw a bunch of cat poop that stank.


It takes a bit to get the little ones to learn to keep the door shut. You never know what could hide away in there.

I moved one of the push mowers to the right ...

Two hind legs and a tail. Black with two white stripes. I dropped the blade housing back over the skunk's rear end and ran out shutting the door behind me...

It did miss me, for the most part. But at least I don't have to use any fox pee on my olive pants when I go deer hunting. The skunk cover works nicely.

So, for the past couple of days we've been trying to catch it in a live trap. It seems pretty clever.

Monday, November 02, 2009

A really brief summary, sorry.

This is a place where Louisa and I were out hunting deer. We looked this way. The deer were behind us, behind the hay bales. We missed them.

Tue Mary went to Fosston with three kids for dentist appointments. Fred and Sara S had a new son, Fred the IVth. Please keep them in your prayers.

Wed I spent writing Christmas program and sermon for this Sunday; then Wednesday School. Kevin V. got home, check his progress. And please keep him and Kim in your prayers.

Thur, Mary and kids went to RLF for piano lessons, library, and groceries. I did shut in visits in TR. Matthew came with me. Evelyn G. was doing very poorly, please keep her in your prayers. Inge had a toga on this evening. She danced while Clara played guitar.

Fri 10/30 Snowstorm/ice storm. I went to Clearbrook for funeral visitation for Jim Bagaason. Lots of cars in the ditch, lots of deer on the road or by it. Slow drive. Jim's funeral is Saturday, Please keep his family in your prayers.

Just got word this morning that Jim H's brother, Richard, passed away this morning. I will have the burial service at St. Petri on Wed. Nov 4th at 2pm. Please keep Jim and his family in your prayers.

Snow on the trees at sunset on Saturday.

Sat 10/31 No Church at Mt. Olive, baaad ice. Warmed up at noon and the roads started to clear. Shawn and Becky C's son, Sawyer was baptized at OP. Mary took the older kids trick-or-treating. I stayed home with Inge.

Sun 11/1 Joint Reformation/All Saints' Day worship at OP with a meal afterward.

In the evening we had a Reformation party for the Youthgroup at St. Petri. Lots of fun. Yes, we still play musical chairs. And we still have fun with it.