Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Mustangs Win

Louisa's team played against the Red Lake Falls team last night. We went to the game.

From 20091005Volleyball

We met Jaime and Laura there. Fun, they cheering for RLF and we for RLCC.
From 20091005Volleyball

Louisa made some really great plays to help the team out.

From 20091005Volleyball

Ernest is home and doing better. I'll call about Blanche and Laura in the morning to find out how they're doing. I'm going to stop by Kevin V.'s in the morning. He's had a serious set-back, again. Please keep him in your prayers. His last Caringbridge entry was positive. I'll find out more tomorrow.

Went out bowhunting this morning. A doe and a faun watched me get out of the car and get ready. Another faun came out of the woods while I was finishing up. But they walked onto property that I didn't have permission for. So off to the woods. Wait. Chipmunks, cute. But no venison today.

Matt wants to bowhunt too. I made him practice for a while today.

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