Friday, October 23, 2009

Visits, Funeral, Visits ...

I made it up to Grygla to see Blanche on Tues 10/13. Mandy wasn't home when I stopped by. Nor did I find Norris home.

I took Donna, John, and Stella down to Redwood Falls to see my Grandfather. We left 10/14 Wed morning and came back on Thursday 10/15. Grandpa was doing fairly well. They try to keep him more active to help build his strength and coordination up.

Friday 10/16 we had Laura R's funeral. Please keep her family in your prayers.

Saturday: Church at Mt. Olive and some garden work.
Sunday: Early church at Oak Park, then Naz, then St. Petri with a dinner at St. Petri. Got home later with the kids. Mary went to TRF to get stuff for the winkel on monday. Finished getting the garden out.

Sunday eve, work on my assignment for Winkel.

Monday, Prs, Stafford (Lengby), Thompson (Audubon), Scheer (Bagley), Kuether (Bemidji), and Preus (Mayville) came for winkel. Pr Stafford presented on the Marburg Colloquy, Pr. Thompson on the Historic Lesson for next Sunday. Pr. Preus presented on the anniversary celebration of the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification between the ELCA and the RCC. I presented on Coordinate/Subordinate Clauses/Paragraphs and interpretation.

Pr. Thompson's family, Pr. Scheer's family, part of Pr. Stafford's family were all here and visiting at the Parsonage.

Tuesday I went to Bagley for a meeting and discussion of the Augsburg Confession. On the way back I made shut-in calls on Helen C and Esther R.

Wednesday we had Wed School and afterward Mary and I dropped off our car at a neighbors to have the heater core replaced.

Thursday, in addition to the office work, we had a guest for supper. Mary went over to Ladies' Aid. And I went to get the car after 9pm.

I try to get out early in the a.m. before dawn to go hunting. Once in a while I'll try at sunset. We're getting closer together. Now all I need is a clear shot when the deer are that close. The last few times there's been too much brush or grass inbetween me and the deer's heart. And I don't want to chase a deer three miles through the brush when it's got an arrow in its flank.

Stella is puking this morning. No visits today or tomorrow, then. Seems like we just barely get over one thing and then we've got another.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ben G. and Laura R. have passed away

Please keep Ben's family in your prayers. Ben passed away Friday after a long battle with cancer. I buried Ben's wife, Vera, 6 years ago last month. That was the same weekend my brother died and my son, John, was born. Ben has been staying with his son, Martin, these past few years in the Portland, OR area. His daughter, Mandy, and her family walked the Pembina Trail for Minnesota's 150th Anniversary celebration.

I'm hoping to see Mandy and her family some time tomorrow, when I go up to Grygla for visits.

There will be a memorial service out in Oregon this week and then a committal service here in May at St. Petri.

Laura R. passed away early this morning. She'd been in the hospital for two weeks fighting congestion in her lungs. Years ago her husband, Elmer, was out bulldozing and found a large rock. The rock was about 4' x 6' x 8'. Laura wondered what he was going to do with that. He put it in the front yard as a decoration. It's there today. Please keep Elmer and his family in your prayers.

Right now we have a tentative schedule for her funeral as being this Friday at Oak Park at 11am, no prayer service on Thursday. Committal either at Clearwater or at Oak Park cemetery.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Mustangs Win

Louisa's team played against the Red Lake Falls team last night. We went to the game.

From 20091005Volleyball

We met Jaime and Laura there. Fun, they cheering for RLF and we for RLCC.
From 20091005Volleyball

Louisa made some really great plays to help the team out.

From 20091005Volleyball

Ernest is home and doing better. I'll call about Blanche and Laura in the morning to find out how they're doing. I'm going to stop by Kevin V.'s in the morning. He's had a serious set-back, again. Please keep him in your prayers. His last Caringbridge entry was positive. I'll find out more tomorrow.

Went out bowhunting this morning. A doe and a faun watched me get out of the car and get ready. Another faun came out of the woods while I was finishing up. But they walked onto property that I didn't have permission for. So off to the woods. Wait. Chipmunks, cute. But no venison today.

Matt wants to bowhunt too. I made him practice for a while today.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Odds and Ends again

Sept. 30th was our 20th Anniversary. The kids made us a special pancake dinner.

From 20th Anniversary Dinner

The meal was filled with subliminal messages.

From 20th Anniversary Dinner

And the children documented the fact that we ate it.

From 20th Anniversary Dinner

Thanks kids. We're so glad that God brought us all together.

Wednesday we had Wed. School. I've been answering theological and church teaching questions more frequently in the past couple of weeks for several people via email.

Saturday was church at Mt. Olive, Saturday School, a pastoral visit, the Youthgroup Shootout at St. Petri, and then in the evening I took Mary out to dinner at the Evergreen. We met Jaime and Laura there we two couples celebrated our wedding anniversaries.

When I got home from the shootout I received a message that Ernest M. was hospitalized. So I stopped by before and after our dinner. He was in serious condition but improving. But please keep him in your prayers.

Sunday I had the three services and found out that Laura R. was hospitalized. After church I got a short nap, and then I went to Warren to see Laura. Clara and John came with me. I met Elmer at the Hospital and served the Lord's Supper to Elmer and Laura. She also is in serious condition but improving a bit. Please keep her in your prayers.

On the way back we stopped in TRF to see Ernest. He appeared to be doing much better and was able to take liquid foods.

Monday morning now. I went out for about an hour at sunrise do deer hunt with my home made bow. I had four deer walk by, but none in range for a good clean kill. So, I didn't take a shot this morning. Walking out of the grove I saw a Ruffed Grouse. It nearly walked into me. There were some fresh bear tracks near the tree stand.

If the weather is nice like this tomorrow morning, I'll go out again.

Blanche B. is having kyphoplasty done this morning. Please keep her in your prayers.

Juel C. has been improving since having his own kyphoplasty this past month. Thank you for keeping him in your prayers.

We've had flu and colds (not H1N1; yet) so I've not really been able to do very many shut-in visits in almost 2 months. Having a lot of kids means that sickness lasts longer in a house. And shut-ins are particularly vulnerable to these same illnesses. When I do hospital visits I'm totally masked and slathered in disinfectant. The visits are brief.

Shut-in visits are never brief and using a mask and disinfectant is net really feasible.

I've got all the crawfish carcasses sitting in the crock-pot brewing broth for soup. I've enjoyed using it while I've had this cold. I think it helps.

Now if only my family will stop singing "Let's go down to the Crawdad hole" and "Crawfish." (HT to Mary.)

Here's's listing of songs with the word "Crawdad" in the title.
Here's the list with "Crawfish"

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Youthgroup Shootout

We had a safe shootout Sunday at St. Petri with guests from Warren, Bagley, Detroit Lakes, and Audubon.
From 2009 lys shootout

From 2009 lys shootout

From 2009 lys shootout

Some more photos are posted over at the Clearwater Youthgroup site.