Monday, September 28, 2009

Tried to Read a Book

I picked up "24 Declassified: Operation Hell Gate" by Marc Cerasini.

I've enjoyed getting DVDs of 24 for Mary and me to watch, so I thought I'd give the book series a try when I saw a copy at our used book store.

82 pages into the book I'm stopping.

The author goes all fantastic on weapons:
"When his hand came out again, it was clutching a Glock 19, the semi-compact version of the standard 9mm recoil-operated composite handgun, undetectable to weapons scanners." (p. 26)

The Glock G19 is not undetectable. It has a steel slide, barrel, trigger and firing assembly. The ammunition is the standard brass and lead. It will set off any metal detector.

The author also throws out a bunch of techno-babble which makes no sense to someone who knows the technology. For example, a memory-stick that has been "retrofitted with" a USB port (all memory sticks have USB ports) that contain "routers" (a router is a computer that routs network address communication-one miniaturized router might fit with special hardware, but more than one? And what would it do? It only has a USB port. It would have to have access to a networked computer that would need to be set up to allow the memory stick to have access. And the notion that USB ports are "technologically sensitive devices" that the "Department [of Defense] keept tabs on the sale of" them. p. 82.

Just two glaring examples in the first two hours of 24 Declassified that made my eyes roll and my suspension of reality groan.

I left the book with the impression that the author doesn't know or care to know what he's writing about, so why should I care to read it.

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