Thursday, September 24, 2009

photo and social networking bugs

OK, I've been trying to integrate blogger and my picasa photo sharing site. I've also tried to integrate blogger with facebook and youtube.

Now, each time I post here on this blog it automatically gets published to my FB.

Each time I post to youtube it goes to FB, but sometimes it goes there multiple times. Grrr. I think I can set up an rss or some other means to put links to the videos on the left side of this blog.

Each time I add photos to picasa my FB albumn is updated, and the photo stream on the left side of this blog is updated.

When I put photos on Flickr they go to the slideshow on the left side of this blog.

But when I want to put picasa photos in a blog entry the resizing option doesn't seem to work right. Typically I want the photos about 400 to 600 pixels wide. Picasa has this nice slideshow option but that is too much for people with dial-up.

Well, I've got too much clutter on the sidebar anyway. Perhaps I should just clean it out.

What do you think?

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