Friday, September 25, 2009

My Holmegaard Bow is done, except for decoration.

From Bowmaking
If you click on this photo you can see me splitting out an Ash bow stave. One of these staves from this particular log.
I shot it last night and it blew my dacron string apart. I shot it this morning and it blew my jute string apart. We got a couple Elk River Archery strings for the bow. I've shot it over 50x without any problems on one of these strings.

I'll try to get a photo of the bow as its draw weight is measured. Right now it's 50 lbs. at 25". The weight is more at 28". It's taking a little bit of set in the lower limb. I'll need to finish off the outer limbs in a stylistic way. Perhaps Deer hoof knocking points?

Well, almost 100 shots with the bow and no bow or string malfunction. The only problem is operator error in getting the arrows where they should be. Donna supervised.

It throws arrows really fast.

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