Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mashed Potatoes, Brussles Sprouts, and Crayfish

Well, tomorrow is our 20th Anniversary. Man, does time fly when you're having fun.

I picked up a gift for Mary. It's probably too stereotypical for most to appreciate. She's reading this, so I won't tell until after she opens it.

Tonight we ate one of Mary's least favorite dishes. She loves mashed potatoes the way I make them. She loves Brussels Sprouts. These were fresh from the garden and were great.

She doesn't love crayfish. She doesn't mind the taste, she hates the way they look. And, when you add to that the fact that all the kids have to pick them up and play with the feelers and claws, sucking the heads and eyes.... Well, she's a good sport and a great example. She didn't complain at all while the rest of us enjoyed.

I had a college room mate from Nagasaki, Japan when I was in college. If I remember correctly, the name they have for crayfish in Japan translates literally as "water cockroach". He didn't like crawdads either.

I made some cajun sauce with mayo, catchup, and tobasco to go with. Yum.

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theMom said...

This one's for you, honey!