Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's not negligence

I've been waaaaay too busy to post as often as I usually do. I've got a gazillion photos, and even so I missed photographing some really big things.


After vacation, back to the grind. This was at the end of August and the beginning of September.

In the mean time there have been a lot of medical calls, shut-in visits, etc.

Cheryl and Rodney had Bear Fest for Rick's hunters and the community. I'll try to get my photos up sometime.

Confirmation/Wednesday School has begun, Saturday/Sunday school has begun. I want to thank Lori, Naomi, Kelly, Barb, Tylor, Kim, Mary, Dawn and all the rest who are teaching and supporting in these classes. Please pray for them that they have the patience and wisdom to teach well and enjoyably.

Medical issues: Juell C's and Blanche B's backs, Mavis B's eyes, Ruby C's and Edwin O's neck fusions, Kevin V's cancer, Jacob B's heart surgery, and several others that I can't mention at this time. Please keep them in your prayers.

Barb C is doing the secretary work now because Alyssa is on bed rest with her pregnancy. Keep Alyssa and her twins in your prayers, please.

The IRS is doing its best to be confused about how the Parish Secretary is paid. They gotta get a piece of the action no matter what. And it doesn't matter if what they say has any bearing on reality. (gripe, gripe, gripe)

Wayne W's nephew, Nicholas, was killed in an accident last week. Vicky V's brother, Kevin R., died of a heart attack last week.

Please keep them in your prayers.

I have several personal and family spiritual counseling issues that are ongoing. Please keep us in your prayers.

Labor Day we went to Itasca with the kids and met Pastor Rolf and Dort Preus with their youngest son, Peter. It was a great day, good visit. And I didn't take any pictures. Drat! I found a Highbush Cranberry that was ripe and picked a few berries. Usually I don't care for them, but these were delicious. I grilled all the food over an open fire: Steak, sausage, burgers, zucchini. Rolf brought the steaks, Dort and Mary provided the chips, salad and extras.

We went to the Teaparty in TRF on the 12th of Sept. It was a good event. Up to 500 people. This is our 3rd Teaparty in TRF. Scott Hennan from Fargo's AM 1100 radio station was the keynote speaker. It was nice to be able to meet him and his wife.

This past Monday (Yesterday) we had Winkel at Ebro Corner. Very nice. Good studies of God's Word, Postmodernism, and the Marburg Colloqy. I presented on the Biblical Texts for next Sunday's worship services. The winner for the greatest distance traveled to get to this winkel goes to Pr. Faugstad from Belview, MN (My home town).

Mom, Pr. Josh S. said to greet you.

This week is Firearms Safety class. The class is huge, 60 plus students. We didn't have a summer course this year. Perhaps that's why this one is so large. It's a fun diversion.

I posted C.F.W. Walther's second lecture on Socialism on my theological blog, for anyone who might be interested. It's long, and I've included links to articles on the people and movements he discusses. The link is over on the left side of this page.

Pr. Thompson's paper at Winkel also touched on the subject of socialism the ways it contradicts Christianity. I'll ask him if he can put his paper online somewhere for those of you who might want to read it.

We had two Baptisms this past weekend.

Taylor D., daughter of Kaylie and Travis D. was baptized Saturday at St. Petri. This is Jim and Tammy S.'s grand daughter. It was a very nice service with about 30 people attending.

Joseph W. was baptized at Oak Park. He is an adult.

This was my first adult baptism (His too!). And you know. I didn't even think about it before hand. And because of that I could have caused some embarrassment. With a baby you just have whoever is holding the baby bring the baby next to the font. With Joseph I just kind of looked confused, but he covered for me. Joseph just bowed his head down to the font. Thank you, Joseph.

Joseph W's kids are about the same age as our kids. Louisa is in the same classes and on volley ball team with one of their daughters.

So, now, with the addition of two of their daughters, I have the largest Confirmation class I've ever had.

Please keep our new members and newly baptized in your prayers also.

Good night, everyone.

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