Sunday, September 27, 2009

Church, Sale, Wedding, Birthday

Well, it's been another full weekend. Saturday services at Mt. Olive. Louisa had a sale for her craftwork at Oklee for the town's Merchant Day. There was a Women's Guild meeting at East Grand Forks. Blanche B. had an 80th birthday celebration at the Grygla Community Center. And I was privileged to be able to serve as officiant at Sam and Gina's wedding in Trail that afternoon. I didn't make EGF or Grygla. Left home at 7:30am got home after 9pm. And it was my son, John's birthday.

I have to wait for photos of the sale and of the wedding. My batteries were dead. Hopefully I can get some from Janet or Gina soon.

Sunday we had three services, then John's 6th birthday celebration.

A BIG angelfood cake with one large candle.

Blueberries in sweetsauce for topping.

"Is my tongue purple, Dad?"

"Yes it is, John."

Doing a dance in his new Lightning McQueen slippers.

John's first new Bib overalls.

I just like the smile.

Happy birthday, John. We are so glad God brought you into our family.

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