Thursday, July 09, 2009

Too Much Too Little Time

I am so slow updating this blog.

Since the Red Lake Co. Fair in Oklee a lot has been going on. Beside the 4 services each weekend I've been doing shut-in calls, hospital calls, and more than average personal/family calls.

June 21st was Father's Day, and my wife and kids gave me a book on making Sushi, a Sushi rolling pad and spoon, and a wonderful CD of baroque guitar music.

I couldn't attend Synod Convention because of my Celiac Disease. Well, there was plenty to do here anyway. Darrow L. and Kim C. went to the convention. Thank you both for taking the time and reporting back on the events of the convention.

Pastor Jacobsen and his family visited us the next week. They stayed from Tuesday 6/30 to Thursday. On that Wednesday I gave a presentation at the Red Lake Falls Library on making bows and arrows. The title was "Ye Olde Archer: Bowmaking History and Methods." It was really well attended and had a write up in the RLF newspaper.

I served the first pork chops from the hog I slaughtered to Erica and Jessie and their family. They were great. I cut the chops 1 per vertebrae. So they were thick. I grilled them on a wood and charcoal fire in a 9x13 cake pan. Mmmmm.

Jaime, they are the best chops I've ever had.

We were so glad that Jessie and Erica spent their time with us. (Thank you for your visit.) It was an extra trip and expense for them. We hope to spend some time with them this August when we go to Washington for my sister-in-law's wedding.

Well, they left Thursday (Jul. 2) morning. That afternoon we went to Bemidji to meet our college friends, Scott and Diane. We haven't seen them in 13 years. Our kids seemed to have hit it off well with each other. Scott brought brats made from game he had harvested. I grilled potatoes and vegetables, Mary did salad and all the things that make a meal go well.

Diane, Scott, It was great to see you again. I'm so glad that we could catch up. Can we do this more often?

For Jessie and Erica, Scott and Diane, I wish we could be together more often.

Well, services again on the weekend of July 4-5th. On the 4th I did a couple of visits after Sat. church and then took our family to Plummer for the 4th of July parade and celebration. We had a great time. Although some of us did get too much sun.

But I ate an early breakfast and so we went home without spending a lot of time at the flea-market.

We watched the Trail fireworks from our deck on the 5th.

Now, this week I've been getting ready for Courtney and Travis. Their wedding is on Saturday the 11th. Please keep them in your prayers.

I might put up some photos of these events on the blog. More likely I'll put them on my flickr account, and you'll see them on the left side of the blog.

For those who keep vigil, our parish has several families that are going through severe stress; one with pregnancy, others are dealing with behavior and communication, and others with financial problems. Please keep us in your prayers.

While I have been able to get to many of my shut-ins, several of them have been missed because of my own illness, other pressing duties (like hospital calls), or they weren't home when I stopped by, or other reasons. Please keep them in your prayers.

Kevin V. had a seizure on July 4th. He was rushed to the University hospital. He had surgery today to remove tumor tissue from his brain. Check out his CaringBridge website and please keep him in your prayers.

Well, tomorrow, wedding rehearsal, wedding on Sat. More visits to make.

Now to bed.

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