Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vacation Bible School!!!!

Oak Park and St. Petri held VBS together at Oak Park this week.
Most of the kids, gathered for Matins.

It was Chloe L's birthday, so there were treats for all on Monday.

Playing in the Sky Fort during noon break.
Our schedule started at 9am with Matins, 9:30 Craft or Lesson time, classes switch at 10:30 for Craft or Lesson, 11:30 noon break; 1pm Sing along; 1:30 Lesson time; 2:30 Vespers; 3pm release.

Alison leading the younger children in assembling a craft.

Connie and Laura looking official at the craft table.

Campfire and marshmallow roast on Wednesday.

One part of the sing along after dinner break.
The kids memorized Hymn 384 "Our Father Throned in Heaven Above" and sing it in round.

The ice cream treat on the last day.

Triumphant ice cream eaters.

Most of the group, except Alison and me, out by the campfire ring.

And here's a video of the kids singing 384 in round. Sorry the sound isn't so great on my camera.

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